August, September, October 2010
We're ready for the fundraiser and I get a ball.
To throw at Daddy.
Ooops.  Missed.  Hon, you need to hit the little red circle.
Okay, uuuuhhhhh!
Hi Daddy.  I love you!  Smile pretty so he won't be mad.
An early morning before school.  I combed my own hair.
Can you tell?
If I can learn to keep a rhythm on this pad, Daddy said he'd get me drums.
I think I can I think I can.  Did you see me?
Fundraiser day.  Note the wagon full of people being pulled by the tractor.
Hey, that truck is spraying water at the wagon.
Hey, the ladder truck has a hose too.
Now isn't this just exactly what you were hoping for?
They call this Wet-and-Wild - Firefighter Style!
And a little more to the right.
And the kids with squirt guns just have to join in.
At this point, the squirt guns are anti-climactic.
Now that's a very long ladder lift.
From the top, 100' straight down.
Man what a view.
Uh oh.  I think the view is disagreeing with him.
Now that's way up there.
Here's the new stage and covering.  The band members built it for us.
And to town they go.
Ready for an auction?
Campfires just don't photograph well, but these folks were having a lot of fun.
The end of a very LONG day.
Our new ponies and Christopher is being 'cool'.
We love them.
Halloween is a month-long event for us.
Who's that man in the middle?
W.C. played with Eddie and his band.  They were fantastic.
We were invited to Jonathan's birthday party for bowling.  He's the 'dude' in the hat.  Christopher likes calling him dude.
I did it.  I did it!
I'm bowling too.
Ka-blam ... roll ... roll ... roll ... roll ... roll ... roll ... roll ... roll ... roll ... roll ... roll ... roll ... roll ... roll ... roll ... roll ... roll ... roll ... roll ... roll ... roll ... roll ... roll ... roll ... roll ... roll ... roll ... roll ... roll.
I can do this.  Hard to see, but he has his glasses on top of his head.
Let there be cake.
Cup-cake(s) that is.  An icing mustache looks good with the hat.
I'm trying to open it, but my tongue just won't cooperate.
Is there one for meeeee?
I think he may be in for a rude surprise.
Barbie and I are having a great time.
I got bowling Barbie.
My shirt says "Choose Peace - Be Proud!".  It's my school theme shirt for this year. 
Now I have to pose, 'cause Daddy taught me and ... it's now in the genes.
One more.
A day trip following lunch with the heater on.
I'm helping install conduit.
And deliver gravel.
I am Miss Hollywood Princess - uh Tinkerbell.
... and quite the diva.
Posing for my brother to take a picture.
Christopher found this book and read the inscription.
We were so proud that he was able to read the inscription as well as remembering Ms. Valerie and how much fun he had with her.  I think we should send her a card.
Then came the snow and the people who wanted to camp in the snow.
Cabins too.  At one point we had three or four folks parked on the road around loop-B because we didn't have enough space for them all.
Who's on the hill?
Daddy and the girls.
Okay, Daddy.
Christopher is not happy that he didn't get his turn.
This is what you see as you come down the hill.  Picture yourself spinning around as you go.
Pose with Santa.
Time to break out he sled.  Hey there, try to keep that thing in a straight line, will ya'?
Sarah's turn.
THAT WAS AWESOME!  I'm gonna do that again when they get back.
My turn.  Bye bye!
Sarah, did you eat the chocolate?  Um, no.  Really?  Are you sure you didn't eat the chocolate.  No, Sophie did it.  Okay, well how did you get all that chocolate on your face?   .... Uh, I don't know.  I need a band-aid for my boo boo.
Christopher's art work from school.