2010 June and July
Stylin' Dude!
Pie eating contest?
No hands!
One of us is going to win, d a r n   it!
Climbing on Mr. Howie.
Jungle Howie is a fun toy.
Jell-O anyone?
The Jell-O lympics was fantastic fun for everyone.
Christopher got all his boxes balanced.
He was soooo proud.
The girls LOVE Jell-O.
And Uncle Dennis helps deliver the Jell-O eggs.
Waiting and waiting in line for the game to begin.
Why am I holding this cone upside-down?
But I don't want to smile right now.
Followed by a wedding of dear friends.  Kathy and her father take the floor.
The happy couple.
Get ready for the bands.
The warm up with Brian and Eddie.
Christopher shmoozing with the drummer-man.
Ready to go, and Christopher couldn't keep his eyes off of everything they were doing.
Cabin number three showed up just in time for this event.
I'm not sure why this isn't working.  Can you help me?
Speaking of clothing challenges.
I've got to keep up with my reading while on summer break.  I wake up with books.
... and I go to sleep with books.
Santa told me that I needed to behave if I wanted him to bring me stuff in December.  I'll try.
Look, we're sitting with Santa and he gave us presents.
Don't forget us.