March, April and May 2010: Getting ready for a big new season.
Daddy made little dresses for the girls and they simply loved them.
It's kinda difficult to get rest with your sister sleeping on your neck.
The first load of stock arrives.
Easter egg hunt.  This year we didn't need winter coats for the event.
Too much!  Oh yea!
The second cabin arrived.  Daddy got the pad ready in just a few minutes and it was so level that the driver dropped it without having to put any board down.
Who's driving and who's flying?
I see fear in your eyes.
They've started to open up.
We're digging to repair and install utilities.
The kids are helping too.
Sarah can really handle a shovel.
I'm so cute here.
Tulips are starting to come up all over the place.
Lot's of them.
I guess when you plant 1000 the first year, they split and bring up even more the next year.
Okay, I suppose they understand the concept of Time-Out.  All the ponies are in time-out because they were mis-behaving.
What's up with the new "doo"?
Everybody down the slide.
Now for the trees to bloom.
All of them.  We had an abandoned building that had to be cleared up too.
The foliage is just amazing around here.
I've had it with DirecTV.  We've replaced the LUN twice and the thing keeps going out.  I'm done, I say, I'm DONE!
I want to try "this" mower.
You go right ahead son, but remember that that you have about 33.999 acres to go.
The new laundry building arrives.
And they squeezed that puppy in the tightest of places.
Toddler play area play time.
There were only inches between the pavilion and the edge of the propane fill station.
Looks like the pool is getting ready.
One of the weed whackers was used so much that it caught fire.  Perhaps we're doing too much.
The pool is ready just in time.
For those who do not swim, Wet-N-Wild is a good alternative.
And the kids get into the action.
Yes, even the little girls.
BBQ Chicken anyone?
And a great band.
These guys were very popular.
More pool time ... with an umbrella?
Welcome the Morgan Twins, from American Idol.  They talked to folks, signed autographs and ....
Sang a few songs for us.
What great ladies.
And Christopher was not doing too bad either.
Daddy with Aunt Joan.  He's getting his butt kicked.