February 2010: Back to our Winter Wonderland
What a way to start the new year.  Sledding on the hill!
Christopher wanted to sled so bad that he was willing to take it up the hill all by himself. 
And away we go.
And back up the hill.
Man that's a long way.
Thanks for bringing the sled up to me Christopher.
Back to your turn.  Notice the PINK gloves.  He lost his and stole Sophia's because his hands got too cold.
And away he goes.
Let's try a little higher on the hill.
Look at that smile.
It just gets bigger.
And bigger.
I think he's having fun!
Happy Third Birthday Sarah.
Baby doll dresses?  You can't tell from the photo, but she really loves them!
I can blow out my own candles.
Just watch me.
See, I did it.  I did it!
Back to the sled.
With a sister in tow.
Here we go.
Faster, faster.
Okay, maybe not so fast.
That'll teach her.
I'm driving the tractor with Daddy.
And the Christmas packages from Santa that were delivered at Uncle Jim's in San Diego arrive.
Hmmm.  What's in here?
A card, and I can read some of it.
That's good, that's really good.
Hey, a book.  I love books.
Daddy will read this one with me.
I got dolly stuff.
My very own baby.
Daddy is helping me with my science project.  We're going to grow corn-seeds in a bottle.
First the paper towel.
Now the seeds.
Look, I can do this part.
See my seeds?
Now some water.
Maybe a little more water.
Not too much though.
Are they growing yet?
Document the first day.
We took a quick trip to Niagara Falls.  Everything was iced over and very cold.
Can you see the ice?
Sure is pretty though.
I'm not sure if you can see the expression on Sophia's face, but she's not happy with the cold.
Look at us.
Some of the water spray freezes in mid-air and becomes more snow.
Okay dude, what are you trying to prove with the short pants?
Jan embraces the cold weather by helping the kids build a snow-man.
Pat pat pat.
And Christopher was helping.
Okay, well he's doing more posing than helping, but having fun none the less.
I put Sophia's gloves on the snowman.
I'm a tough dude.
Taaa Daaa!
Time to rip out the bathrooms.
And put in the new plumbing.  This time it'll go "inside" the wall.
All finished for today and ready to head home.
A little time at the top of the hill.
See how deep the drifts were?  That's just above my knee.
And it melts and curves around the edge of the metal roof.
My seeds have really grown.  I've been logging them each day and am ready to turn this project in for my teacher to see.
Time to mow?
Not really, but the mower did need to be started to make sure it was in working order.  Hey, who's driving?
Not me, said Daddy.
Oh my goodness.
What are those dots on the hill?
A hunter's paradise.
The girls love playing with toys in the lodge.
And Barbie is always a favorite.
This picture inspired us.  We think we may need to start doing bunk-sites.