January 24th, 2010:  More of Savannah --- not the cemeteries.
A "package" store.  Yea, they still sell LIQUOR in package stores.  This one has a drive-up window.
Paula Deen (aka The Lady and Sons), Greg's favorite restaurant.  We stopped in for lunch on Sunday, but they couldn't serve us until 8:20pm.  I guess they've become popular or something.
Downtown Savannah.  Sarah wanted to carry her own umbrella ... or, as she says it, um-buh-rallllllllluuuuuh.
The front of Paula Deen's.
At the waterfront.
I get to put another state on the map.  Georgia is GA!
Checking the linkage before we head out.
Jan and Christopher are JAMMIN'-OUT.
This was the park we stayed in near Savannah.
They had some cool history stuff we didn't really make time to see up close and personal.
We saw this one on the way to South Carolina.
Speaking of which, here we are.
Welcome to South Carolina.
A little more green.
Christopher is trying to work on his optical illusion.  He's getting pretty good at making himself look like he defies gravity.
Let's run and play in the water.  The kids are LOVING the water.  I haven't seen them play so hard, smile so big, or laugh so much.  They are definitely children of the water.
Okay Miss Pippi, where are your longstockings?
I hadn't realized we were going this close to a Dollyworld.
It must be too cold for the water.
On our way to North Carolina.
Welcome to North Carolina.
Gregory and Normal.  Hmmm.  What's wrong with this picture. 
Cool church.
Lot's of historical signage here.
Camp Lejeune?  Jim was here in 1981.
The bridge to the base.
And a cool crossing of jet paths.
Just up the road from the Marine Corps.
Don't these crash a lot?  I think we should get out of the area.
The first postal road in NC.
Never thought you'd see that did you?  This is the road that leads to Archbell's Point, a historical area from the mid-1600's.  We were going to visit it, but the land is private with NO TRESPASSING signs.  Greg went to turn around in a guys driveway, and he came out with his shot-gun.  Not really, but he was pissed that there was a big RV in his front lawn.
I wonder if that's what it does to your lungs?
This is the ABC store.  Years ago, they were not allowed to sell alcohol except in ABC stores.  I'm not clear on whether that has changed, but these folks kept the name regardless.
Welcome to the Museum of Flight in Kittyhawk, NC.  Guess who these guys are?
They took a piece of the Kittyhawk on the first moon landing.  How cool is that?
A wooden prop.
What beautiful detail.
Christopher with the guys.
This was the first landing strip.
He was having a GREAT TIME.  The girls and I were too cold to continue.
Part of the flight path.
This monument is where they used to perform their tests from.
Atop the monument.
The boy's gotta pose 'cause he's so cool.
He's pretending he's watching them plan it all out.
Got one sideways.  He's mimic-ing them.
Up up and away.
Just wait 'till I show this one to his girlfriend.
Who brought the monster trucks.  Actually, these were on the way back to the coach.
Guess, what I found in Elizabeth City?
Yup, it's Pop's marker.
I wonder what's down this long bridge.
Very long bridge.
Other RV's with tow vehicles.
A bridge with a tunnel?
It'd be cool if it weren't two way traffic.
How tall is this tunnel?
I need a break.
Look at the bridge, then no bridge, then bridge.
... and down we go.
Rogue waves?
And we're across.
Welcome to Virginia.
Welcome to Maryland.
Camping on the beach.
This little island has horses that were originally wild, then tame, then released back as wild to avoid horse taxes.  Now they're protected and have many donation activities to help keep them that way.
Along with the various sea life here.
They were just roaming all over the park.
Then we went on to Ocean City.  What is all this "stuff"?
Your guess is as good as mine, maybe better.
Sure is pretty up here.
A gun tower.  Forget the proper term.
Welcome to Deleware.