January 12th, 2010: Through the swamp and around Lake Okeechobee, to Auntie Jan's house we go.
Naptime before we get going again.  You know they were asking for this one.
We're on our way to Auntie Jan's by way of Lake Okeechobee.
Tree lined swamp land.
We've never seen a sign that said "Caution Wildlife Along Roadside" before.
Tsunami evacuation route?  Hmmm, should we be here?
This was a cool little place with space-type stuff.
Going around Cape Canaveral, we see signs for Carnival, Disney and Royal Caribbean cruise lines.  Who'd have thought they have the space shuttle and cruise lines all in the same place?
Christopher got out after a longer than usual day of driving.  He was ready for some digging time.
Let's make a run to the beach.  A little cool, but not too bad.
Lot's of birds of all sizes.
Pelican's in flight. 
Then we came across some classic cars.  Let's start with a lincoln.
Can you guess what this is?  This is Sarah and Sophia riding Daddy like a horse.  They were moving too fast for me to get a clear picture quickly enough.
Pose for the camera.
On the way to Georgia.
Welcome to Georgia.
Fort McAllister Historic Park.  We stayed here to catch up on some History and be close to Savannah.
Here's the boat dock in the park.
The water is incredibly calm.
The fishing pier.  Hmmm, guess who else visits this place?
Okay, you caught me reading my book.
I do like reading about frogs.
What, you think I don't read because I'm the littlest?
Don't forget me.
The girls were dancing together, then Sarah wanted a kiss, but Sophia wasn't having it.  Video on picture.  Video.
My baby can ride her pony.
I'm getting some Daddy time.
Auntie Jan is helping me with my hair.
The water in the daytime.
Welcome to South Carolina.
South Carolina.  Looks kinda like northern Florida.
This boat was cookin'.
We arrived at the first park pretty late.  It was a state park and we were very confused about how their system worked.  We had to go in the exit and open the padlock on the gate.  I have a new appreciation for people who come in late.  Auntie Jan let Christopher ride with her and then poke his head out the window while we waited for Daddy to find a space.  He was making faces at us.  Video.