January 9th, 2010: We've spent the last few days tooling around the Keys.
Yea, it's a fake, but the kids loved it and wanted to bring it home.
This was a pretty cool place.
The water fall was amazing in person.
We were in a hurry to get parked and head to the beach.  The kids were thinking they needed to stay "clean" and were fussing about having to be so careful.
So I started by having them take off shoes and pants and put toes in the water.
Guess who went out first?
Hey, this stuff is squishy under my toes.
I don't know about this.
Yuck, I don't like this.
We not only like it, we're ignoring the fact that it's supposed to get cold tonight.
A climbing we will go, a climbing we will go.
Look at me and Daddy.  We're walking in the Atlantic (pronounced "alancic").
I'm liking this, but I'm not ready to take my pants off.
Okay, I'll try it again.
The squishy stuff isn't so bad afterall.
I like it, I like it.
So he ended up getting EVERYTHING wet.
The country folk came to the beach.  Look Emma, they just started strippin' down right there.
This was right before she went "plop" and we had to take her shirt off too.
Okay, we'll dry out the clothing so they can be warm on the way home.
I'd swim if it weren't so cold.  I think I'll just look around for crabs and other critters.
I'm stacking shells.
I'm in my element.  Cool water and don't have to wear anything.
I found some coral.
Whoa, that water is C-O-L-D if you fall in.
The scenery is very beautiful.
Papi tries and artsy shot.
Look at my shells.
More pretty water and sunset.
Beach shot.
More beach shoreline.
There were many little islands as we drove farther down the keys.
Following this one, we went home for the evening.
The next morning it rained and the wind blew.  Can you see these palms blowing.  I'm glad we didn't try to drive the RV in this.
Lots and lots of places where hurricanes had devastated the land.
This is the old bridge.
A deer crossing in the keys?
This was out at Key West.  The kids wanted to go for a ride, but it was raining with 30+ MPH winds and about 40 degrees.  Thanks, but no.
Artsy stuff all over this place.
And many views like this one.
And this one.
Great message.
Another of the huge man-made shells.
This guy looks like pictures of Daddy when he was young.
This tree was blown over by a recent storm.
All dressed up for the mail man.
Let's get some coconuts.  Christopher had been asking to get one all day, so the boys stopped and got a couple.  He didn't like the milk from the one we opened.
Another statue.
This guy was very realistic.
Well, except for his size.
At the end of the day, everyone was hungry.  These girls ate more spaghetti than any three year old should.