The last days of 2009, and our first new state(s) in 18 months.
Welcome to Louisiana.  Now this is a very different place for us.  There's a little of everything from the lowest of poverty to the most upscale.
So we start of with some clowning around inside a shark's mouth.
This picture didn't come out very good, but it's a battle ship that has been decorated in blue lights.  The kids were sure it was for Christmas.
The girls were playing princess with Christopher's school supplies.  The bucket made an excellent crown as Sarah tried to put some jewelry (his watch) on Sophia.
This was the visitor information area where the kids wanted to play all day.  Christopher found many sticks to plop in the water.  This was one of the larger ones.  He was fishing for gators.  I figured it was safe because there weren't going to be any here at the visitor's center. 
Sophia climbed up on their sign.
Blowing kisses.
What one does, the other must do too.
Okay, I made it, but now I'm terrified.
After fussing with Daddy and being reassured that "he had me", I was willing to pull his nose and play.
What would alligator hunting be without the right purse?
You must have the right stance for the right picture.
What is "that"?
I don't know, but I'm dancing around enjoying the day.
The shoreline is amazing.
Whoa, what do you mean they allow live gators at the visitor's center?  Okay kids, back away from the water.
Awwwwwuuuuhhhhh.  I was gonna catch one too.
Aren't these lovely picnic areas right at the water's edge with danger lurking just feet from your table?
A view from across.  The nature trail was closed or we'd have gone down to see what all the fuss was about.
We now get to put another state on the map.
It's Louisiana, and I get to put it on.  No, not the girls, me!
On our way to the next park, we see this little circus cage atop a Toyota Highlander.  Why would they need to carry it that way?
I suppose it must be legal to transport wild animals on top of your vehicle in this state.  I wonder if he needed a permit?  Better yet, with the way he was driving, I wonder what would have happened in the event of an accident where the little fella got loose?
Daddy got a better shot of this tiger, so I'm waiting for him to give me a copy to post.  It will go ---->
We missed the Mississippi welcome sign, so we're opting for this one.  Hey, another state to put on the map already.
Just a minute down the road and we pass the Space Center.
Complete with their own lunar lander.  We've gotta plan to stop at this place the next time we come through this way.
These folks have Gator - Everything.
Along the coast, there were many of these old trees that had been converted to art when they died.  What a tremendous effort and beauty.
I didn't know they allowed casino's here.  A Hard Rock at that.
Not a White Christmas, but definitely a White New Years.
We're on the new bridge.  The old one destroyed in the last storm is out there.
I guess they didn't plan on a storm that big.
And Alabama.  Hmmm.  We're just cruising right through these states.
A peterbilt dealer.
And their sign.
Mobile seems pretty clean.
Ooooops.  They didn't mention a tunnel.
Oh crap!
It's not as long as the one outside Denver toward Grand Junction, but it does go under the water.
And out the other side.
Battleship Memorial Park.  There's another place I'd like to stop next time we're in the area.
Very cool!
If they had to put this highway up on stilts to prevent it from washing out, what happens to the one down there?
These folks decorate with fake animals.
And another.
I haven't seen a Piggly Wiggly in a very long time.
Welcome to Florida. 
New Years Eve was spent on the beach lighting off sparklers for the kids.
I think they like them.
Up up up.
Up and around.
Let's put them together.
Daddy will show you all how it's done.
A night shot following the fireworks.
End of the day with Auntie Jan on the phone and the girls are putting their girls down to bed with a night time story.
Notice she's putting her finger on the words as she tells the story.
I'm going to tell Auntie Jan what we're doing even if she doesn't understand.
She is so intense.
Now we'll change their diapers and put them down.