Through December 18th, 2009: Welcome to California
Okay, so we're still in Arizona.  Here are a couple of pictures of RV parks in Arizona.  Notice the lush surroundings with streams and rivers abounding.
This is the zoomed in shot from above, you have to really look through this dense forest (okay tumble weeds) to see this lone rig at this place.  I didn't get a chance to capture the "city in the dunes" because we left a day after everyone else, but you can imagine 1,000's of RV's parked in the sand with nothing around.
These folks are serious about their water!
We finally arrive in Mission Bay (San Diego).  The kids are glad to be here, but it's supposed to rain soon (first time this fall) so they're getting prepared.  The park is simply a bunch of sites packed together with asphalt pavement from one end to the other.  It does help with keeping things clean.
It looks like we found a spot right next to Howie and Janet.  Actually, it's just a similar rig to theirs.  These folks never did cross our path so we didn't get a chance to meet them.
I walked outside the park and was able to capture a few reasonable shots of the bay.
One with the kids.
Going across the Coronado Bay Bridge.
Someone was in the spirit.
We put up some lights just as it started raining.
Here's the tree and lights from the inside.  They're actually very pretty, but I'm not good enough at night shots to capture it.
Next stop DisneyLand.  The kids have been wanting to go for a long time and we finally took them for Daddy's birthday.
It's a small world ... I still can't get that tune out of my head.
Sophie didn't know what to think.
Here, they're getting ready to ride the rocket ships with cousin LeAnna.
Okay, tell me who's having more fun here?
I'm a dancing princess.  Whee.  Whee.
Running and spinning and ....
And losing my glowstick.
Papi found it and we're back to checking things out.
This is the face of a baby girl who is having a great time at the happiest place on earth.
Meeeee tooooo!
I saw Daddy tickling me.
We're watching the ducks and boats go by.
At the end of the day, we're all very tired ... in a good way.
Yes, very tired.
And cousin LeAnna couldn't put me down.
It is now bath time.  Sophia is trying to wash dishes at the same time.  Hey, whatever works for her.
We finally got a chance to visit with our long lost friend Karen.  Sophia just loves her.
Sarah was in good form and looking beautiful as ever.
Christopher was no stranger to anyone in the restaurant.  Then he made himself right at home with some food.
The next day we went to The Mission Bay Channel where we read about the wildlife around the area.
One wild creature not mentioned on the signage was these cats.
The next day we went to Christopher's School where they had their Christmas Celebration.  The did pass the gift (kinda like musical chairs with gifts).  Some of the kids had impressions of what gift would be more appealing based on the wrapping.
Sophia and Sarah received gifts to exchange as well.
Notice that Christopher's eyes are on a gift that is NOT in his hand.
And then it was time to open them.
My attempt at a night shot of the city from across the bay.  A little dark, but you get the idea.
Next we headed to Lake Morena Campground where Santa and Mrs. Claus were the kids were provided with craft materials to make holiday decorations.
Sarah was so excited to get into "the stuff".
Sophia could hardly contain herself.  She really wanted to "make stuff".
And glue was her favorite tool.
Now it's time to decorate the tree and coach.
Christopher is putting the balls on the tree.
Daddy is feeling festive.
And the girls are helping.
They're handing the balls to Christopher.
Then it was time to dance.
We had a visit from Papi's friend Louise and her boyfriend David.  It was short, but so long overdue.
David let Christopher sit on his motorcycle.
The picture says everything about what's going on.
Grandma and Grandpa had Christmas gifts for each of the children.
Let me help you with that.
Christopher got a basket ball.  He was very excited about this one.
More about the expression that says everything we need to know about his mood.
One last picture of us all before we meet again in the spring.
Here are a few more of the desert rats camping the way they like most.  Dry camping is all that is available out here.
This was the first stop in Texas where the Truck Speed Limit is 70 MPH, but the Auto Limit is 80 MPH.  We'll stop here until next time.