Early November 2009: From Snowing to Beautiful 65 Degree Weather.  We have it all!
I'm gonna go WAAAAAYYYY up there!
Christopher and Johnny decide that they just have to ride their bikes down the hill.  I made them stop at the edge just before it really goes up.  You know, it's strange that they both got the training wheels off this past summer.  Daredevils are being born every second.
I love Sophia's birthday card so much that I can hardly let it go.  I think she ended up sleeping with it last night.
Christopher has been asking to play guitar for months now.  His new guitar has him so excited about playing music that he can hardly wait to practice.
Daddy is putting the water line in the ground.  It was such an event and he was so dramatic about it.
Oh, I'm so exhausted.  Can you believe I did this whole thing all by myself?  Us either!
Here, the conduit had to go 4' deep and go under the existing plumbing and electric lines. 
Okay, this was a cheap shot, but Papi couldn't help himself.
Who's this little helper?
Can't you see I'm working over here?!
The red tape goes 1' above the lines so we don't accidentally dig them up.
Howie was relegated to holding the tape.  We didn't get any pictures of him laying conduit or pipe, but he did.
Ride-em cowboy!
Digging and laying conduit takes a lot longer than one might think.
Time to put a condom on the conduit.  The plastic bag keeps the dirt and such out of the tube until we can get it all down, the lines in and capped.
The girls went shopping with Papi.  They love to drive too.
Okay Daddy, I think the trench is deep enough, we can barely see Siobhan anymore.
She's helping get the conduit and water line in ... with a smile!
Keep digging out those flat rocks for the garden beds.  She and Daddy are the only people I know with the patience for that.
Pop is supervising.
Christopher, trying to imitate Daddy, ended up tipping his tractor over.  I guess going backwards down a hill is not a good idea for tractors.  VIDEO
Kathy and Siobhan are leveling the rock.
We found a puddle to play in.
They didn't even notice me taking pictures.
Sophia is too into the mud to notice, but Sarah stopped to say "cheese".
Siobhan was helping bring in the equipment. 
What's up with these barrels?  VIDEO
They're pooping out children.
The girls are pushing them around and around.
Doesn't this look like fun? VIDEO
Ever play "whack-a-mole"?
It's Johnny.
Where'd ya' go?
It's Christopher.
The girls were hiding.
Look at us!
He found us.
I was trying to climb in, but slipped and now I'm stuck.  Guess what they're getting for Christmas?
Now it's time for the bend over to section-A.
Bury the tape.
And bury the trench.  Following this it was not possible to tell where it had been dug up.