Through Mid-October 2009: We did a little of everything.
October begins with Sophia's Birthday.  Wow, she's already three and it seems only yesterday we were changing those preemie dresses.  Who'd have thought such a tiny little baby girl would grow to wrap her daddies around that tiny little finger?
I'm a princess on my birthday.
I like getting presents, but where's the cake?
Now ain't this a switch?  Sophia pushing Sarah on the tractor.  Hmmm.  Makes me wonder how this relationship will develop in the years to come.  Video by clicking picture.
This gentleman allowed Christopher to play his drums after the band was finished.  He had a grand time.  They all said he should get lessons, because he had natural talent.
Janice is having a little fun with Sophia's bicycle helmet.  I guess she doesn't trust Siobhan's driving.  Hmmm.  They're both still smiling.
Sarah was learning some new words.  She learned the word gray, which she pronounced "gay" and socks which she pronounced with a hard "c" at the beginning.  She's getting better, but we still laugh every time.  Video on picture.
We've celebrated Halloween for three weeks in a row this month and this was the arts/crafts activity for the little ones.  Everyone made little picture frames in their own way.
Now we take time to get prizes from the bucket of eyeballs or the gushy bucket of shredded brains.   Eeeewwwww.
What party would be complete without a contest or two.  Bobbing for apples is so old-school, so we hung donuts from a string for the kids to eat ... with no hands, of course.
This guy's face says it all.  Click for some video.
More video.
If you can't have fun doing this, then you're already one of the ghouls everyone is afraid of.
We're just hanging out in the store with friends.
We have our babies.
Got milk?  I do!  And I like it!
I found my sister's Tierra and am hamming it up for the camera.
Okay, so you've just got to hear this boy play.  Click for the video.
Shall we build a tower of paper towels?  Okay, but then we must knock them down.
Daddy hasn't had much quality time with the kids, and here he's making strong efforts to make sure they have special memories.
They were engrossed in this until the flash, then Sarah wanted to see where it came from.  Sophia remains enchanted.