September 15th, 2009: A comedy of errors.
What a beautiful little girl.  Those eyes are captivating.
The old Jeep had problems here and there since we bought it nearly two years ago.  The latest was when the ignition went and they told us it would require replacing the entire steering column to fix it.  They rigged up a deal so we could hot-wire the thing with a screw driver to get it to the dealer to trade her in.
Now we're a Chevy family ... at least for now.
This one is big enough for the whole family.
With enough room for all of us and cargo for home and store too.
This was from last Month when Dee and Tom put on a big feast and we were honored to be invited.
We're trying to get some sort of plan for the weekend.
The kids were showing their best poses.
I'm cute and I know it!
Getting psyched up for the weekend.
Do I look like a little boy now?
Uncle Jimmy came in late at night and had two little girls waiting for him the following day.
This is Debbie, Uncle Jimmy's love.  She's great and so good to and for him.
We took a little time off to visit Niagara Falls.
Isn't the mist amazing?
I'm told that in the middle of Winter this mist freezes into an Ice Bridge across the falls.
On the little trolley.
With Ice Cream.
I think she liked it!
Getting prepared for the folks arriving for the 9/11 fundraiser we're putting on for the local fire fighters.
Debbie again.  Ain't she a cutie!
Uncle Jimmy with a new best friend.
Raising the flag for the fundraiser.
The Fire Fighters came complete with the Big Red Fire Trucks.  We even had Life-Flight cruise over a couple of times with sirens blasting.
Grandma helping the little ones with balloons, etc.
That's a long ladder on your truck.
Deb is playing with the Fire Fighter Games - Prop.
These ladders can extend VERY high.
This shot is from the top of the hill to give a little perspective.
The Rotary Club loaned us their dunk-tank to help raise money.
Bob was the first one in, but not the most wet!
Pop wasn't volunteering for the dunk tank.
Deb, getting in with the theme.
I like this hat.  May I keep it?
The girls get a little snuggle time.
It wouldn't be complete without a Wet-n-Wild Hay Wagon Ride.
These ladies were not happy about getting wet.
Looks like the Gang's all here.
Some of our friends were helping with the cooking.
The band is getting going.
These guys are fantastic.
A nighttime wagon ride with glow-sticks.
The following day we had a parade with the Golf Carts leading the way.
Everyone decorated.
Little Brooke even put this guy on her bike.
I think the Gang's all here and ready to go.
Some of the Golf Cart Floats.
And they're off!