August 17th: The Pirates have invaded and we're getting wet!
Pirate weekend began with a scripted fight between Captain Frost and Pirate Crook.  Frost dropped the treasure maps to the would-be Pirates below to keep them from falling into the hands of Pirate Crook.
The pirates below took flight and began chasing treasure immediately.
Watch my sword fighting abilities.  Click for Windows
Fair maidens trying to get the treasure without having walked the route on the map.   I think they may get the plank!
Captain Frost fends off would-be short-cut takers.
And those who followed the entire route have treasure in their future.
Whoops, same shot again.
I'm a pirate princess.  She wouldn't let go of my parrot all day.  I think she may have slept with it too.
Enough pirate fun, it's HOT and we need to cool off.  All aboard for a wet-n-wild hay-wagon ride.
Everybody hold on, 'cause Greg's driving this time.
I can get you on that wagon.
Okay folks, let's break out the buckets!
And water canons.
And hoses.
Look at the determination in that little guy's face.
It's a sneak attack from on top of the RV.
Run!  Run!  Run for your life.
It is now time for ice cream.
Let's meet our neighbors around the park.  Here's some family with their son and daughter-in-law (to be, I think).  I'm so lame with that sort of stuff.
Ride the wagon around to meet the neighbors.  I guess it was good that it dried out following the wet-n-wild ride.
The band is setting up outside under the pavilion.
About 1/2 way through their set, it began to rain.  The rain got more and more strong and eventually was coming in sideways.
The band stopped long enough to help attach this tarp and then went right back to playing.  How cool is that!
One of the first days when the pool was warm enough for the adults to swim.
How about some more tie-dye?
Okay kids, let's take turns and everyone will have fun.
Good job dude!
She did hers all by herself. 
Vanah has nothing on you hon!
Johnny, his shirt and his mom.
Here are some of the ones that were made today. 
Greg gets his Olympic decal for the mower.  His times are the lowest we've ever seen and I think he'll actually make the official team.  Click for Windows.
And last but definitely not least, the Girls both love singing in the bath  Click for Windows.