June 4, 2009: Wake up, it's time for fun.
This morning, I'm waking up happy.  Yea!
I'm not quite ready for the day, check back in a few minutes.
Oh, I've been up for a while.  I'm doing my schoolwork with a smile on my face.
Let's paint bird houses.  Daddy got these at the craft store and we're painting them.  Sophia is getting used to using the brush.
Mine has a bunch of colors.  I've learned that not mixing them keeps them vivid.  I'm even telling sister how to do it now.
The girls have decided to build something from stone.
Teamwork in action.  These two may one day take over the world.
Oh, well perhaps after we build a fire out of rocks.
In preparation for the pie eating contest.  The girls didn't know what was going on, but they were having fun none-the-less.
We're all ready and waiting for the pies.  Of course, we didn't mention that the objective was to empty the pie tin without turning it over and contestants could not use their hands.  Insert evil grin here.
And they're off.  Some went for the gusto.
To finish and take the gold!
He took the gold and was very modest about it.
In the kids category, this youngster took a dive for glory.
... and buried his face until it was done.
He didn't come up for air until he knew he'd won.
Other's kept their cool and their face clean ... mostly.
While others were concerned about remaining "cute".
Later that same day at the playground, the kids were digging for treasure in the sandbox.
And our adult winner was taking his victory lap.