May 23rd through June 6th, 2009: Fun Fun Fun till the weekend(s) came to an end.
The first annual carnival ... who's the ring-leader?
Hula Hoops were a hit!
All the parents participate with their children.  It is such an amazing thing to see and be a part of.  Everyone is willing to help and participate.  We all had fun.
Even some of the boys were pretty good with a hula-hoop.
Sophia liked the little balls so she planted herself in the pool with them.
Can you put the bean bag in the hole?  Christopher did, and many of the other children were able to get it multiple times.
It's tough to see the look on his face, but he's concentrating so hard that it's all scrunched up.
He gets the wrist action from his Daddy.
And tickets were doled out based on how many made it into the hole.
This little guy is showing his Dad how it's done.
Grandma was on Prize-Patrol, exchanging prizes for the correct number of tickets.
Now it's time to Dance, so upstairs to the Lodge we go.
A ham for the camera?  Yes!
These two played chase around the dining room all afternoon.
At the end of the day, Sarah made a new friend who was happy to walk with her to the playground.
This little guy was having some trouble with the hand over hand until he'd been here a few days.  Now he's a real pro.  The best part is that he never gave up, he just kept on trying until he did it.
It's Kids Day with old-school games.  Three legged race anyone?  This mother/daughter team were showing the grandkids how it was fun and not something to fear.
Now we're pairing up with one adult and one child.
Keep an eye on these two.
Hey, it's a THREE LEGGED race, not a TIE YOUR FEET TOGETHER race.  They were pretty quick with this method.
And we're off, with Papi bringing up the rear with the girls.  Sophia demanded that she was NOT going to have that rope tied to her in any way.  Sarah, on the other hand, was willing and had a great time being tied up with Papi.
Hey, it looks like they won.
We got there eventually, and had a great time about our trip.
Egg, uh water-balloon, toss.  Yes, we decided that eggs would make too much mess, but water balloon's were fun and refreshing.
And another step back.  And another step back.  I think we all decided that the water felt too good to let this go on very long.  Eventually we were overhand throwing them at one another.
Sarah wanted me to bend down and hand it to her, then she threw it at me.  Yea, I'm a sucker.
I think someone may have gotten more than deserved.  Then again, it was his birthday.
Red-Light-STOP.  Oooops, I guess the ground may still be a bit wet from the water balloons.
STOP!  That's right little ladies, I did not say Red-Light, so you win.
Now isn't this what family is supposed to do for you on your birthday?
I'm not sure if he enjoyed it by his facial expression, but later he said something about that.
Simon Says, pat your head and rub your tummy.
Stick your foot out.  Ah hah!  Gotcha.  I didn't say Simon Says.
Now we're playing stick-in-the-mud.  It's like freeze tag, except when you're frozen you have to spread your legs and wait until someone crawls between them.
I don't think he expected this.
Tug of war.  It was girls -vs- boys except for two exceptions.
The girls nailed it quickly for the first one.
But the shame from the boys came back to bring victory in the end.
What sort of outdoor party would it be without prizes for everyone.
Then Will and Anna treated everyone to snow-cones.  That was a great topper for this day.  Such great folks who are always willing to share.
Now it's time for some 50's music and dancing.  The girls heard the music coming from upstairs and couldn't wait.
Dance, dance, dance!
The decorations were fun too.
What sort of puzzle is this?
Enough fun for the day, and I'm ready for bed.
Are you kidding?  I'm already asleep.
The next morning, it was nurture the babies.
Now I have a monkey baby.
And now some napping in the clean clothes.
Dude, look at this cool caterpillar (pronounced calapiller) I found.  I wanna keep him for a pet.
See him, he's so cool!
We got a new table that isn't new and Christopher has comments on all that.  Click the picture for video.
This is a drawing Christopher made with his schoolwork.  It shows our family, including Jan.  He also drew in the things he's been seeing around the park as Daddy does maintenance and upgrades.  He drew the soil in red to represent the clay base, the rocks, the grass, and then the flowers.