May 18th through Memorial Day Weekend: What a holiday weekend!
Christopher took this one first thing in the morning.
I'm ready to ride my bike.
Sophia is singing her ABC's with Daddy.
I have Christopher's dinosaur.  It makes a great hat.
Daddy is getting the pool ready for it's first inspection and use.
Just clowning around.
Memorial Day weekend and we are sold-out.  Many people told us that they'd never seen the park this full.
Folks came with tents and trailers and every combination imaginable.
The pool was getting full.  Mostly kids, but some adults.  The heaters (namely children) handled the cool water very well.
One picture from up on the hill.
Another picture from a different vantage point on the hill.
The playground was very popular with children of all age ranges.
This group was happy to pose for a family photo.
Christopher and the girls spent a LOT of time with Rachel.  She's very good to and with them.
Here is the new power we're planning to hook up when this weekend is finished.
We had several linemen from National Grid commenting on the upgrade supplies for the power sitting in our front yard.  I'll be glad when we can clean up this mess.
The toddler area was very popular and I've never seen so many folks want to play mini-golf.  Grandpa did a fantastic job in rebuilding it.
As you look down the road, there is not a square inch of space not occupied.
The group area was very popular because people wanted to park where "they" wanted to rather than in a "space".
The D.J. is getting setup to provide some musical entertainment.
As the music gets going, the people start coming
This was a real draw down to the Pavilion.
The lodge was alive with kids of all ages.
What D.J. could go home without doing the chicken dance.
Parents and kids alike were getting down.
What a fun time we all had.
Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse was VERY popular.
More dancing.
The hokey-pokey.
We were all smiling.
Cheese!  I have bubbles.
Even Daddy took a few minutes off to get in a dance with his little girl.
The following day was exciting.  A ride in the hay-wagon got wet as the Wet-N-Wild games began.  The folks on the wagon were armed with water balloons and the folks on the sidelines had water pistols.
And the fun begins.  Okay, so water pistols turned into HUGE guns, and buckets and hoses.
Hunker down Greg, 'cause they're a gunnin' for ya'.
Who's that in the golf-cart?  Hey, Grandma and Grandpa (aka Bonnie and Clyde) are getting into the action.