2009 May 6th: A day at the park.
The girls with tulips that Christopher said he "found" and later discarded at the playground.  He must really like that little girl he's been playing with.  Don't these two look so sweet and innocent?
See what happens when we find out you've been picking the flowers.  You have to finish your timeout before getting ready to go outside.
When the driver showed up with the new electrical breaker box, Greg and Grandma wanted to see the show.
Actually, Greg brought over the tractor and we tied it to the bucket.  You know these tractors come in handy on a regular basis.
Up.  Down.  Back.  Forth.  Okay guys, just let me know when I can pick this thing up.
Hold on a minute.  Let me get some "REAL" tie-downs so we don't drop this expensive piece of metal.
I know they're doing something over there, but I'm not really interested.
After it was moved, Grandpa picked up his tie-downs and Sophia wanted to help wind them up again. 
I just love helping, it makes a girl feel good.
I want to go inside (pronounced 'side') the gate to play in the sandbox.
Later in the day, Papi drove the kids up to the top of the hill to see where Daddy had been mowing.  The view from here is spectacular.  This is one of the highest hills around.
Okay, we're done with pictures.
Okay, just one more.  Hold on girls or he won't put the camera down.
The kids playing with other kids at the park.
Sophia is swinging with Christopher's little friend Brooke.  They like each other very much, but Christopher gets a little jealous.
Christopher made friends who were willing to swing him at the playground.  The smile on his face tells all..
Later in the day, Christopher and Brooke walked to the top of the main hill.  You can see the little white and orange dots just up from the middle of the picture.
Here it is with some zooming.
And a little more zooming.
At the end of the day, Sarah found the fish hat we got from "Orange You Glad You're At Del Mar?" with Donna, Sheri, Taylor and Daniel.  This was before Sarah or Sophia were born, but the hat lives on as do our memories.
These were from that day.
And Daniel.
And Donna.  I sure miss her.