2009 May 1st: Spring is in the air.
Christopher found a new friend.  Actually they played together some last year, but he's really taken a liking to her.
The smile on his face tells much of the story.
Then a race to her parent's RV.
Some leaves have started on the trees and the tulips are blooming.  It is amazing if you don't get to see this stuff all the time.
It's rough to see from this picture, but Greg is up on the hill mowing.  He's about mid-way on the left.  I'm hoping these next few shots will give some perspective on just how large this mowing job really is.
And some zooming in for perspective.
And super-zoom so you can see that he's having to hold up the roll-bar or something to keep out of the trees and brush.
From this one you can see that it takes a LOT of passes up and down these hills to get them completely mowed. 
The girls are tumbling on their way to the playground.  They saw these older girls doing it and wanted to try too.
Tulips around the pool.  We've been cleaning, filtering, and shocking the pool for a couple of weeks and it's now starting to look nice.
A close-up of the tulips around the pool.
Push me higher!
That's it.  More!  More!
I don't want the baby seat, but I'm not sure about this one either.
These are my handcuffs.  They came from the big bottles of spaghetti sauce.

Don't worry, more to come.