April 2009, what a month!
The 7th we got hit with more snow.  Snow in April?!  The good news is that the kids had fun with it and it lasted only a day.  The bad news is that the cold stayed for a week.
Look at me outside with the snow.
You're lucky that glass door was closed.
The hills are looking rather barren.
A little snow on everything.  Poor golf cart needs a cover.
The kids bikes were under the roofline, but not protected.
I guess the snow came from only one direction because there's snow on this side of the sign ...
... but not on this side.
Time for indoor games.  I came out of the bathroom to find all manner of mischief.  Christopher standing on a stool that could collapse easily, Sophia in a cupboard and Sarah ready to close her in.
Sarah's turn in the cupboard.
I know this looks terrible to have our little girls playing with RAT's, but they're a toy left in the store from the prior owner and she just loved it so much we had to give it to her.  I must say this is my least-favorite of her toys.
How about some Easter Celebrating.  The bunny was run off by the local hunters before he could put out all of his eggs.  There were about a dozen left in his barrel (of the 500 that he started with).
The Welcome Bear is getting in the mood.
Decorations were everywhere.
Grandpa, tending the fire in the lodge before the breakfast rush.
The kitchen before the breakfast rush.
Little girls all dressed up for Easter ... though we were celebrating on Saturday so as to not conflict with anyone else's plans.
Pancakes, sausage and a beverage.  Mmmmmm, good!
Look how many eggs I found already.  And there's plenty more where these came from.  Daddy ended up collecting the remaining 400 eggs when the day was done.
I can dress myself.  See?
The end of a long and cold Easter day.
Yup, she's out too.
I sure hope that's more comfortable than it appears.
The toddler area gets sand in the sandbox and the kids are eager to help.
Well, most of them.  Sophia is not sure what to make of this stuff.
Hey, I like this sand stuff.
We were on our way to the airport to head to San Diego...
... and the sign.
These sculptures were amazing.
On the airplane, Christopher seems right at home.
Quite a change from two years ago when he went on his first airplane ride.  Amazing huh?
Sophia was ready for her warm towel and peanuts.
Sarah demanded that she could fasten her own buckle.  Eventually we were ready to leave and I had to help, but she tried for all she was worth.  This little girl's determination will be quite an asset in her life.
Here we have arrived in San Diego again.
So where's that luggage?
Uncle Jim, Deb, Sheri, Pam and Taylor came to eat dinner with us at the "Pink Denny's" (the one near PCH and the Airport in San Diego).  The food was great and it was so good to see everyone again.
Court time to finalize the youngest of our family members.  She didn't know what was going on, but seemed to be having fun none-the-less.  Christopher's expression tells how ready he was for all the pictures to be finished.
This is the same Judge we had for Sophia and Christopher was allowed to play with her gavel.  She joked with us on the way out saying "see you in six months".
Sandi is showing off her ribs at Phil's BBQ.  This must be a proud moment for Cheryl.
Everyone is chowing down on some great food.  I just love this place.
Pam and Sarah have a special relationship and it's obvious the love they have for one another.  Suzen is having salad.  I'm not sure if it was mean to invite her to a rib-joint, but she never complained a bit.
This chicken is good.  I like it!
I'm just happy to be here.
Andrew will likely have a hankerin' for some more Phil's soon.  Just look at those onion rings ... don't they just make your mouth water?  I'm ready to jump on a plane back just for some more of them.
I hope Angie's smile represented her liking of the food.  Christopher took a liking to Jim's new girlfriend Deb.  I think she likes him too.
Auntie Jan and Uncle Daniel with our princess on her special day.
Sandi and Andrew pose, but you can see the love in their eyes.
I couldn't have posed these next few.  It's as though they're communicating with their eyes.
see what i mean?
Auntie Jan has agreed to lifetime babysitting for Sarah. 
Jim with Deb.  She seems good to and for him.  He says she's her own person and is willing to share her life and time with him.  To me, that's huge!
One of the few pictures of Papi.  Christopher took my camera and I got a bunch of feet, ears, up-close noses, etc.  Then there was this one.
Christopher has adopted yet another mom.
We came back to a house where the watering system had failed because of a power outage so the grass wasn't happy, but the bird of paradise was blooming more than ever before.
Two little girls crashed for a nap following tearing the sheets off of the bed and the shade off of the window.
A picnic with Grandma Archbell.  We had a grand time.
And we ATE and ATE.
Lots for little one's to do.
Of course, running is a favorite.  This is the warmest we've been in three months, so we're taking advantage of it.
Catch me if you can.
Where'd he go?
He found Sarah hiding.
This looks like a good spot to rest.
After a day of running and playing, I tried to put my old Charger-Girl uniform on over my dress.  The effort wore me out so I just napped right here.
Christopher and Sophia landed in bed.
The next morning they were all snuggling.
A few minutes later Sophia needed more time in the dark.
Uncle Jim showed up in a tie to help us get to the airport on time.
Three kids and Papi on the airplane.  Hmmm, I wonder if he's ready for this?
My pony is riding on my leg.  "Pony Girl, Pony Girl, won't you be my Pony Girl?"
Somehow she got my belt and is trying to fasten it as a seatbelt.
1/2 way through the first leg of the flight, Christopher can't take not having a nap anymore.
Sophia and Sarah make friends with a retired couple who were so great to give me a break.  I must have had that look of "oh God, someone please help me" on my face.
We're hiding.
The last flight attendant gave Sarah the oxygen mask to play with for a few minutes.  We had to pry it out of her hands when we landed.  Perhaps this is her calling.
Back at home, we're up to our old tricks again.
The pool is closed for a few more days.  I'm not sure I want to look under that cover.
Daddy has finally received his new popcorn maker.
Do you think he likes it?
From these pictures you'd think he liked popcorn.  Actually, you should see the pictures I've been forbidden to post of Grandpa.  He wanted this thing even more than Daddy.
Up goes the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse again.  Who's that hiding inside?
I'm not sure who liked it more.  The parents who could sit back and let their kids wear themselves out so they'll sleep good tonight ...
... or the kids who cried when it was time to stop and take it down?
The grass is greening up nicely.
The cover is off of the pool.  You can't really tell from this picture, but that water is not pretty.
Finding new holes around the park.
Like father, like son.  If we study the hole long enough, maybe we'll figure out what to do about it.
The tulips are starting to bloom.
The Grandma Cherry Tree is leafing.  With as many daffodil's as we have, I think we should make them an agricultural product.
Peek a boo!
It's me and I have a stinky diaper.
What is that inside your diaper?
Gravel from the playground!  Hmmm.  Not stinky, but I'll bet it didn't feel very good.