April 5th, 2009: Wow have this place been busy.
Yes, it's the end of March and it's still snowing.  We had a delivery of supplies to build the new power house, a toddler area, the new highway sign and to fix the mini-golf area.  The following day, it started snowing.  Then raining with cold winds up to 60mph.  When life gives lemons, make lemon-ade!
If it's snowing, it's a good day to sleep in.  I'm not sure how he got his arm behind him, but he slept as though it was comfortable.
I'm dressing myself ... okay, with a little help from Christopher who tied the arms in a knot for me.
We found this ladies shirt in the store.  Sarah just loves to play dress-up with it.
Popcorn makes an excellent counting tool.  It's fun to eat too.  That would be subtraction <evil grin>.
The girls found their Easter Bonnet's and were dancing around the house all morning with them.  When it is cold and you want them to wear a hat, they refuse.  When it's not quite time for a special hat, it's all they want to wear.
Boiled okra!  They have decided that this is the best snack in the world.  Okay, it's behind chocolate, but not far behind.  They all three eat it and ask for it by name.
Daddy is in Artsy-Fartsy mode.  He made this sign from scratch.  He cut out the image, painted it, varnished it, built the frame and mounted it.   
He hung the new sign out on the highway with chain so it could sway in the wind.  Then added some solar lights as a test.  These particular ones are bright enough that they work great ... when they work at all.  They have been turning themselves off after just a few minutes and we're not sure why.  Aggravating!
The supplies survived the weather and now it's time to start building.
Here's Papi helping Christopher build the toddler area so the girls will be safe when they play.  He's pretty good with that 5 pound sledge.
Here's Grandpa getting tools to work on the power house.  Behind him is the good start of the toddler area with the flower-beds in front that Daddy planted.
This little pickup came with the place, but it was difficult to start and finally just refused after a few days.  We've decided to donate it, but the places we've contacted have been difficult to work with so far.
Daddy is planting a cherry tree for our Mom's.  I think they would both have loved that.
Hmmmm.  Let's see.  We have the framing for the foundation and the pipes for the new electrical, but what to do about that telephone pole that is right in the middle of the room.  
We both needed to put on our thinking caps.
There's enough steel and concrete block in the bottom of this thing to support five or ten times what we are anticipating.  When finished, it'll be our bomb shelter too.
The footings are down and here's the first run of block.
Grandpa is showing us how a foundation is poured.  He's quite the master builder.