February 23rd - 28th 2009,  Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York.
This is a cool little town where we stopped to get some fuel.  The arms on the hill-billy spin like a windmill.  It was cute enough for a picture.
I tried to explain to Christopher what each of these signs represented.  It's so funny that I simply take that knowledge for granted just as he does the Golden Arches
Speaking of the Golden Arches, I've never seen one that sold gasoline too.  Note the price.  Actually, we've paid as low as $1.54 / gallon on this trip (as I understand it, San Diego is still above the $2.00 / gallon mark).
It was Christopher's turn to take some pictures.  He started with one of me.  The next few are by him.
I don't recall seeing this blue truck at all.  He's good to get things I don't even notice..
A racing truck.  Ever since the movie "Cars", he can spot a hauler pretty easily.
It just wouldn't be complete without an upside down self-portrait that is too close to focus.
We did have another blow-out on Grandpa's rig.  The tires had little wear, but were about five years old.  I guess that just goes to show that you just never know when such things will happen.  We now have the process down to a 15 minute operation and we were ready to get back on the road before the hot-dogs were ready.
This one is of a train Christopher was watching.
Yup, my view really hasn't changed much.  I'm either in the coach watching the others from behind or in the Jeep watching the others from behind.
Approaching St. Louis, we see The Arch from several miles away.
It's not as large as I recalled, but still impressive.
On the left, then on the right, I wish they'd decide where this darned thing is going to be.
At 90 degrees.
Another vantage point.
This is a mock Arch in a little town just inside Illinois.  Travel Lodge used it to hold up their sign.  I'll be this marketing approach works.  Sure got my attention.


Of course all that picture taking was exhausting and he needed a nap.
And into Indiana we go.  I really wish we had time to stop and visit with Jonah again.  Christopher has asked and asked to see him.
I wanted Peanut M&M's until I'd had a few.  Now I look shell-shocked with candy all 'round my mouth.
Wow, the states are going quick now.  Pennsylvania!
I looked down and then up and then we were being asked to pay the toll in New York.
From here it got colder and there was snow and ice along the road.  Aside from this brief area, we didn't get much in the way of snow.
More Snow and Ice.
I just thought this was pretty..
Isn't it amazing what sorts of things kids will do to entertain themselves.  We could learn a LOT from them.  So "in the moment" and ready to just make fun with what is available.
A cool farm.  I'm not sure if the picture represents it well enough.
Now it's about getting the shoes off and then back on.
So, we finally arrive to find that the snow has melted and then frozen on top of the pool cover.  If it were a stronger cover, I'd suggest ice skating.
All the weather people are saying that Spring will be late this year, but you couldn't convince these birds and some of the foliage that is already coming up.
Daddy helping Grandpa and Grandma get situated (yes, he's supervising).
The girls immediately went to the playground.  It's tough to make out, but Sophia has picked up a bull-dozer from the sandbox to play with.  She took it under the swings to push gravel into neat little piles.  I wish I could figure out what she was thinking.
What has Christopher found?.
Some yellow flowers.  What are they for?
I should have known.  He's quite the little charmer.
Today, Friday, it has snowed all night (gently) and there is a light dusting all over the park.  Daddy is like a kid on Christmas morning.
What a splendid sight to behold.  I'm glad we don't have to get out in it unless we want to.  Oh, did I mention that I want to?