February 17th - 21st 2009,  Oklahoma, a stopover on our way to Upstate New York.
I found this great old Mercury in a Braum's parking lot (gotta love me some Braum's).  She's not pristine, but she looks all original right down to the old tube-style tires.
In OKC (That's Oklahoma City for the foreigners), we stayed at the Twin Fountains RV Park.  I really like the layout of this place.  Having paved pull-thru sites is excellent too.  Christopher jumped out of Grandma's truck and immediately headed over to this lady to ask if he might walk her dog.
Just as evening approached, the kids all wanted to visit the playground.  Sarah was immediately drawn to this climbing wall which resembled a ladder.  It is better suited to little feet and prevents slip-through while climbing.  After a few tries, she was able to master it along with her fear.
Up, up, up I go.
I'm doing it.  Look Papa, I can do it.
I'm a big girl now.
Sophia found the ladder section of this same structure.
Sophie goes up, up, up too.
Here at the National Cowboy Hall of Fame Museum, we all stopped at the front for a family photo.  This place is huge and we didn't have enough time to see everything, but did catch quite a lot.
Sarah is making like a princess while brother climbs in the background.
This is one of the prominent statues was of this mountain lion.  The kids were really impressed by its size.  Because of copyright issues, much of the artwork is not allowed to be photographed, but we are sharing some that are permitted.
I believe this one was a wedding dress.
Many of the exhibits had Native American theme's.
Authentic attire.
This begins the section on Cowboys in film.
Sorry, I forgot to note this guy's name.  I know, lame, but it's a fault of mine that I really don't have recall of names in that way.
One of the paintings that was allowed to be photographed.  There were too many of these to list or document, so if you get a chance to visit this place, it is well worth the $10 entrance fee.
The U.S. Dragoons were defenders of the frontier.  Check out the classy uniforms they wore.
Here is a photo from the display.  All the tiny buttons on that coat would have taken a long time to manage each day.
Here's the write-up.  I should rewrite the text here so it can be easily read..
And the ladies on the plains.  I hadn't realized that "Ladies" did rodeo back then, but some did.
Check out the cold-weather clothing.  Looks warm to me.
A Gatling gun.  I've seen them in movies, but never in person.
How many stars?  That's right, there are thirty six stars on this flag.  So which were the last and next states admitted?  Nevada is correct for the thirty sixth state admitted to the union.  Followed by Colorado.  The interesting thing is that this was the only historic flag I found on display in this Oklahoma museum, but Oklahoma didn't become a state until 1907 as the forty sixth state.
The Buckaroo Bunk House is the children's museum.
Start with a mountain lion crouching to pounce.
Followed by a room for the kids to dress in cowboy attire.
They all took to dress-up like a magnet.
Christopher just walked up and started preaching and singing as though he'd been to church every Sunday of his life.
At the end of the day, we were all ready for some dinner at Red Robin Restaurant (we had been looking for the Black Eyed Pea, but they went out of business a while back).  The food was good and everyone had a pretty good time. Sarah enjoys a balloon VIDEO.

Christopher talks of Aunt Becky's cooking VIDEO.

Next stop, Aunt Becky's, where Rachel meets us and immediately takes hold of the girls.  They take to her quickly.
Sarah likes the glasses.
Christopher is out doing "boy stuff" while the girls stay inside and get the nails done.
Stick.  Mud.  But no stick in the mud.
Daddy and the girls catch up on some educational television then naps while Papi and Christopher go with Aunt Becky to the park.
Christopher was the same age as most of these boys, but enough bigger and louder that he scared some of them.  It seemed like everyone was taking turns watching "the kids".
Christopher and this little boy took turns pretending to be "the pirate" and "the parrot of the pirate".  It was soooo cute.
When we first arrived, Christopher behaved as though he was afraid of Maddie and would run and cry and scream.  Today that all changed when the girls were mimicking him.  He did an about face and ...
Took Maddie by the collar to walk her away from the girls or anywhere else he didn't want her to go.


He has overcome his fear and become the Alfa Male VIDEO

Eventually it became of tug-of-war, but you have one guess who won.
Christopher hamming it up for everyone.
The girls think that this little log holder is just the place to be.
I'm doing it!
Break or broke dancing?
Another of Daddy asking Sophia to "Strike a pose"..
The end of the day with Aunt Becky tickling her feet, what could be better?