February 12th - 15th 2009,  Welcome to Texas.
We arrived in Texas and stopped right away to get a new water pump for Grandpa's RV.  He and Daddy install it with little effort and we're back on the road again.
Grandpa and Daddy working as a team.
Sarah treats this little bear as her baby.  She just loves him and loves making him dance to the music.  Click on the picture to see some video.
When we next stopped for fuel, Grandma took the kids for a walk and they picked wild flowers growing around the area.
The kids all wanted to snuggle with Papa a little and were trying to see who could get closest.
La Mesa?  I didn't realize we were back in San Diego.
The road today was more challenging that prior days.  We stopped a couple of times for various things, but the big one was due to a tire blow-out on Grandpa's coach.  Thank God it had tandem axle's so there was little damage.  Thank God that it happened immediately before an off-ramp with just enough space to pull safely off of the road to effect repairs.  Thank God it happened during the warmth and visibility of the daylight. Thank God we had all of the tools necessary with us to swap it with the "Thank God" we had a spare.   And Thank God there was no wreck as a result.  It gave us a little unplanned downtime to let Grandma have some quality time with the kids while "the guys" figured out what to do about the "tire situation".  We went another 10 miles following this incident and stopped for the night. Daddy cooked up some spaghetti which was quickly devoured with requests for seconds.  We are so incredibly blessed to have one of life's little trials help us grow together and share time working through a little challenge.  God has blessed this family more than words adequately express.  I don't know why we've found favor, but I'm certainly happy that we have.  Sophia got too tired to continue just before we stopped for the night.
The gang's all here as we get ready to head out after getting the tire replaced and pick up some groceries.
This flag was about 10 feet long.
Christopher stayed awake all afternoon and finally couldn't take any more.
A little later he awoke when Sarah started dancing to her favorite song.  He couldn't help but join in.  Click the picture for the video.
Sophia was ready to get "out" at the next rest area.  Hi Papa, I'm right here and ready to go.
Is it pride or arrogance?!  Picnic table covers in the shape of the long-horns.  Hmmm.  I guess it's a matter of perspective.
The girls picked flowers for Grandma.
Grandma just loves these little ones too much.
The next rest stop allowed for some evening outdoor fun.  A flashlight is a kid's best friend.
May I keep it?