February 10th 2009,  Return to Upstate New York.
We had a few delays in preparing for our trip back to Upstate New York.  After hooking up the new trailer to the RV, we found that the brakes were not working correctly.  Of course it was a result of not realizing that we needed a brake controller in the RV, but that was easily overcome with a trip to Camping World.  Of course the girls got too tire of waiting and decided to just nap right by the door to be sure they would get to go "bye bye".
Christopher just loves his lemon-ade and KFC is just the place to get some.  We're on the road again...
Now it's Sarah's turn to sit in the front.  She loves being able to look out the front window.
We met up with Grandma and Grandpa in El Centro and stopped in to Home Depot for a few items.  The gang's all here, let's get going.
Grandma's driving the new truck and towing Grandpa's tools.  Doesn't she look grand?
My view for the next four hours.
Here are some of the desert rats making due in a campground on the California side of the border.
We made it to Yuma, Arizona.
We need fuel.  The oil companies are lovin' us.
A desert RV park.
It's a sea of RV's parked in the sand and dust. 
Christopher fought it all day, but when dark came he just had to get a good look at the inside of his eyelids.
The next morning, Sarah wanted to wave and Grandpa and Grandma.
Jimmy the dog wanted to play with Sarah.
She'd have been okay with it had she not thought he was after her juice.
Christopher got a little time together putting rocks and sand in a bottle.  I'm not sure who invented this game, but all the kids just love doing it.
No, this isn't any fun at all.
We found this little playground at a park in Los Cruces, NM. 
Sophia can climb nearly anything in this park.
I like the idea of having a covering for the hot summer.
Christopher talked this little boy into letting him borrow his Fireman's jacket.  He wasn't giving up the hat though.
Sarah goes face first down the slide.  I'm not sure why she thinks this is fun, but it's hysterical to watch.  Click on the picture and you can see the video.