Oct 9th 2008  We closed escrow on our New RV Park Called Frost Ridge
Fall starting to set in and colors are beautiful the picture is not doing justice. 
This was a very large fungi growth in the forest.
A small portion of the park all you see is ours
Our first time behind the desk.
Upstairs is the lodge and down stairs is the store men and ladies bathroom,
The old Ski hill. Kids love to run and roll down this hill all day.
This just shows the size of the hill.
more colors...
and more colors.
Some happy campers.
Kids coming back from the hill run.
Our Thank you Party to the campers.
What a fun time we all had.
Food and more food and more food.
We had a drawing for a Buffalo Chair,  And an Apple Shuffle.  It was a big hit.
Here is the drawing.
the old painted map or the ski resort.
These are some of the old pictures from the Good Old Days
They used the old Skies for the railing and the medal polls at the upside down are the t-bar lift polls. 
And more kids rolling down the hill
Oh do you see the apple tree in the back ground?  Well we have more apples then blades of grass.
Almost a full moon over the fall color leaves.