September 29th 2008  On the Road again to Fancy Gap Va
We are in the mountains of Tenn. were some of the trees are starting to turn color
More of Tenn
I got this as we are going 60 mph down the freeway
along with this one.  It is blurry because I took it through the window. 
Guess where we are now hehe
I am not sure of this...uh...  
Picture 13
Picture 14
Water Tower painted as a hot air balloon.
This is the valley before getting on the Blue Ridge Hwy.
This is the KOA we stayed at called Fancy Gap KOA beautiful park and real nice host Mark & Cheryl. 
The rest of the pictures are form the park.
Cool Picture hah ?   to bad it is upside down look at the top right corner.  To see it correct look at the picture below
Now Right side up
This is only the reflection in the water turned upside down.  Yes this is a water refection
Christopher fishing with out a hook just a weight tied to the end.  Fish are happy with this.