September 7, 2008: Lake Powell
I'm a big girl now!
How's this for a camera?  Greg  wasn't expecting to be able to see the craters on the moon. 
And another 1/2 moon.
What cord?!
Back on the water and headed through the canyons.
I know where to go.
Papa taking a turn at the helm. 
I can touch the water.
Hmmm.  I don't think it tastes very good.
Papa tries to get everyone a little wet.
Now we're ready for some time in the water.  Sarah was having an incredible time.  When it was time to go, she threw such a fit that she couldn't calm down for nearly five minutes.
She's having a great time.
Look at that smile.
Daniel's turn with Sarah.
Christopher was barking at their dogs. 
Sophia loved the water too.  It was warm and she's a warm water girl.
Throw me up again Papa.
Beauty by the finger of God.
Don't take my picture, I'm busy driving the boat.
Okay, but here's the best smile I can muster.
Look at that determined face.  He's really concenrtating.
Janice is trying to figure out where he's going.
I think they're both in love.
Is that an elephant's head on top?  And next to it looks kinda like a chicken to me.
The Golden Gate Bridge?!  How did we get to San Francisco?  Actually, Daddy took this picture of Papa in the boat while it was parked next to a rental RV with this muriel on its side.
Another evening.