September 6th 2008: On our way to Sedona, AZ


The trip began with a stop over in Yuma.  We caught up with our friends in Cottonwood.  The park was filled with all sorts of wildlife...

Here Kitty Kitty
Here are some shots on the way to Lake Powell.  Aren't these canyons and mountains incredible?
Looks kind of like a city of old.
We kept following this boat on the way up.
It's hard to tell just how far "down" this is, but it'll take your breath away.
Everyone out for a quick walk.
Daddy with the kids.
Daniel and Janice against a backdrop of rock.
Greg's artsy farts picture.
Janice is showing Christopher something off in the distance.  How often does one capture the attention of a five year old?
The road winds back and forth up this mountain.  Yes, this is the same road.  That white truck on the left will come up facing us when he makes the hairpin.
What a beautiful country we live in.
Pretty cool, eh?
A bridge at the dam for Lake Powell.
And the dam.
Papa is setting up the biminy on the boat.
Susan getting a little time on-water.  Does she look comfortable or what?
Here's one of the first canyons we encountered.
To get a picture of the size of the canyon note the 30 foot boat at the bottom look close.  
Daniel and Christopher kept watch for what lurks out front.
Papa is holding sleeping Sophia.  I think they're both in heaven.
On the water is the best.
To me, this looks like Lucy from Charlie Brown.  Good job Papa.
More amazing scenery.
And the sunset. Greg at it again