May 31st,  2008   Our Last Stop Of this Six Week Trip
We arrived at Lake Moreno late in the evening around 11pm.  We got everyone settled in for bed, and enjoyed a little time for ourselves. 
Papa was reading his Bible and Daddy was busy taking pictures.
Sophia was ready for and needed some sleep, but she was interested in watching what Daddy was doing.
The next morning Sophia was up early and ready to play.
Christopher and Sophia are buddies.  They can almost always be found together. 
Christopher outside looking for ants.
Look at me!  I have a purse.  Sarah was so proud that she was able to get the purse on.  It makes me think of a feed-bag, but I am proud that she got it on all by herself.
Look what we found at the park.
It was a bit unnerving to see smoke in mountains that burn so easily.  It was a controlled burn good until 3 pm.  I still kept my eye on it. 
The kids loved the time at Grandpa & Grandma's.  They played & played. Sarah has her own castle.
Sophia & Christopher tried to see if they could throw all of the sand out. 
Everyone is up on the deck and it is HOT.
Sophia is a trooper.  She loves going down the slide. Look at her face.  Can you hear her saying "wheeee"?
Sarah wanted to slide also, but was not able to get the nerve up to take the plunge. 
Sophia on her way to head down again. 
Sarah was going to give it another try.
After watching Sophia go down the slide, Sarah turned around and went back to the steps.
Sophia:  Look at my hair.  Wow that was fun.
Christopher racing Sophia to the top of the slide.  Him on slide, her on stairs.
She must have gone down the slide over 50 times.
Sarah is just happy as can be standing, and peeking thought the slots watching Sophia going down the slide.
Looks like she is going to try again.
Sophia found another slide 
She liked the other one more.
She found a boat.
Now she is Captain of her own boat. 
After a hard weekend of playing and visiting Grandpa & Grandma we all bathed, made popcorn and watched Lilo & Stitch.  I think Papa loves that movie more than the kids.
Sarah loves to stand now that she can.
Sophia enjoys popcorn.
This is a normal thing for these two.  Like I said earlier they are buddies. 
It is a great feeling to watch our kids enjoying each others company.
After a day of playing, visiting, bath, popcorn and a movie; what more is there to do but sleep to start all over again the next day.
We have now come to the endpoint of our trip.  We have traveled over 6200 miles have seen a great many things and places.  From Hover Dam to Niagara Falls and all with the eyes of a child.  The excitement and amazement was shared by all as we traveled through this great land we call home, The United States of  America.  We had a great time exploring the beauty and wonder and would like to thank all of you that follow us through this picture blog.  As we came to the Y in the road our coach wanted to head east again, but we had to go west so we could finalize things at home. We hope to be able to share more traveling fun  with you again soon. 


The Daddies and Kids