May 27th 2008: Play Then Dash Through the Desert
After waking up in the pan handle of Texas and getting the kids ready for the day we went to the playground in the rest stop.  The kids had a blast with the slide and Sarah was making sure they played nice. 
Sophia is going to be a roller coaster girl.
The rest stop is covered with earth to help keep it cool.
Sarah was enjoying the wind blowing in her face  Once she starts walking, we'll put her in dresses, but right now she scrapes her legs too much.
It feels like it was just yesterday that he was not sure how to clime up this wall.  Okay, it was last year about this same time when we were at this exact same place.  It goes so fast.
This is a close up of the flower notice the fly wings match the color of the flower.
Even the desert was in bloom in Texas.
I think they are still working on this.  What kind of ego does one need to make grills in the shape of their state.  Okay, perhaps it's pride.
Sophia is so growing so fast.  She wants to be like her brother.
The family holding up the Texas Lone Star
Look very close at the star bottom left.
It is Sophia peeking through.
See!  Oh wait who is this?
Christopher now.
Oh this must be Sarah.
No it's Papa.
Now this must be Sarah.
Oh, it looks like she is going to take nap.
Just some old silos.
I think they are spilling their water. 
Just entering Amarillo.  The home of the free 72 oz Steak.  You have to eat all of it with bake potato, veggies and salad.  If you can eat all of that it is then free.  If not, break out your wallet. 
Christopher wants to be a cowboy.
Bushland,  looks as old and dried up as they are.  
What a flat ugly place. 
Looks like this truck caught some wind and rolled.
Christopher as cute as all ways.
Getting closer.
This is a mad dash to California all dry desert from here. 
A highlight of New Mexico.
They do have some good scenery.
New Mexico Route 66 sign.  Just getting one from each state.
I Can't remember what they call this type of home but I saw it on KPBS.
Nap time.
Ahhhhh, it is quiet.
This cloud looks like a dinosaur running.  Just ask Christopher.
Another sign for our sign collection.
This is in the hills of New Mexico just before Albuquerque.
Now we are in Albuquerque and some more art work.
We decided to take 25 south instead of 40 to have some new views.
Downtown Albuquerque.
More water tanks in Albuquerque.
Papi and Christopher took this picture.  A lot of cars from the 70's.  The ole-boy asked if I saw the brand new Mercedes.  It took me a minute to realize he was joking.
Christopher loved being perched atop the couch.  It made me think of a dog. 
We stopped in Socorro, New Mexico to fuel up at 4.69 and California is 5.09.  Christopher was helping getting bugs off the front of the coach.  With this we say Good Night.