May 25th 2008  Our Day Exploring Will Rogers History in Claremore OK
To start off the day, Sophia was in a hurry and was not going to wait for us to get her dressed.  Here she is putting it on by herself.  No grass will grow beneath her feet.
I was changing the sheets and Sophia was insistent on laying on and in them.  She just loves to lay down and cover herself with a sheet or blanket.
We planned on visiting Will Rogers Birthplace and a few other places with his name.  This is the Roger University
Across the street is the Will Rogers Memorial.
The Building.
And of coarse I had to get the Claremore water Tower this is one of two.
We stopped at Claremore lake and found a turtle sitting on a rock in the lake.
And some large goslings with the mother goose. 
A field of flowers.  This was beautiful.
I had to stop many times to get the pictures of all the different type of flowers growing
Close up.
Aunt Becky and Uncle Rick on his Harley.  They just had to tease me, aaaarrrrrrrrrggggg.  
Can you believe this he ran up to him on his own and started petting him.  I had to rush over just to get the picture.
We are at the birthplace of Will Rogers.
 We are now inside the house and they had all the old furniture.  Check out the log walls.  The quality of this furniture is amazing and beautiful.
His bedroom.  I'd never seen an actual chamber pot before.
Not sure who.
Kitchen.  Back in this day/time, the three main parts of a stove were ....

The lifter, leg and poker.

Parents room
His parents.
A Lady Bug for Christopher's Critter Blog
The place was full of animals running all around ... free range.
This was his saddle in the back
Inside the barn, exploring.
I think this is a rock hen chicken.
Aunt Becky showing the kids it was okay to pet the animals.
I'm not sure about these toys behind a glass wall.  Why can't I take them out and play with them?
Sophia liked the little "toys".
Sarah was just happy to be out and about.  Isn't she adorable in this little dress?
Look, Aunt Becky, there are toys in there.
Here, let me help you.
Guess what room this was?
Papa caught these HUGE flies in mid-air.  They were about an inch or more in length and buzzed us several times.
The girls both got a chance to ride on the donkey.
Sophia first.
And some blue eggs.  You can't see the light blue coloring in this photo, but it was evident there.
Now Sarah gets a turn.  She's not quite sure what to think of all this.
I really gotta go!
Are you going to keep taking pictures or open this door for me.  After inside, he decided it was too "ucky" and he'd wait for a "real bathroom".
Daddy checking out the camera timer.
Sophia was finished with picture time so Uncle Rick gathered her up for the next one.
Everyone is looking, but Christopher's expression was NOT a smile.
Laa dee daa, I'm flipping my seatbelt.
Papa was telling her these were donkey's, but Sophia kept saying "doggie".  We could hardly believe that Christopher would go that close without someone right there.
Head 'em up, move 'em out.  Back to the barn.
Little goats in a row.  1-2-3.
Old farming equipment for use with animal power.
The kids decided it was a percussion instrument and began making music.
A plow.
And the good shepherd brings in the animals.
A really nice house just down the road from Becky's.
The front.
And the other side lookup up the drive.
This one is about one more block away and is For Sale.  Daddy would like to have this one.  It has three garages plus a huge barn-garage out back for the tractors and other equipment.
Pretty, eh?
Everyone is still pretty awake and mostly happy about the day-trip.
And it's now bath time.  I LOVE bath time.