May 20-23rd 2008:  Our Days In Claremore Oklahoma
Papa still in is pajamas and Sophia already for the day.  They rest on the couch and read a book.
After the book, she and Christopher laid in our bed watching Barn Yard.  
Sarah was just happy that she got the pillow all to herself.
After a book, movie and play it was nap time.
Sarah played hard and crashed.
A nap did this little girl good.  Now she is off and playing with her new doll Aunt Becky gave her.
Oh we can't forget her new purse.
Now Sarah has her new doll from Aunt Becky and took the purse from Sophia.  She can do that now.  They are fighting over a lot of things now and Sophia is not sure how to deal with it ... yet. 
She just does not have a clue what it is for yet, so she wears it around her neck.  I guess she's expecting someone to snatch it.
Christopher taking his 5 pictures, he asks for the camera all the time.  Just 5 more Daddy Before bed.
The next day we went to the park and found this bird for Christopher's Critter Page.   I think it is a crane or an egret. 
We stopped at the play ground so the kids could get some of their energy out.  Once Sophia found this slide, she would not stop.
Here she is.  She would go down all different ways.
Sophia loves slides. She went on this one over 50 times.  VIDEO 
This was taken for Papa because he was in the store and he is an old car lover.  I think this is a Cadillac.
Front view
We had to run into Tulsa and the sun was setting, so I was able to get some good photos.
I just love Sunsets.
The sun is gone, but the clouds are still colorful.
After getting back the kids went right out.
The next morning, Sophia dumped her Cheerio's on the floor so she could eat like a dog.  This is something she learned from Christopher.  
Sarah now has a walker.  Check out the video
Christopher's Daily photos I seem top be the focus of his photos.
Aunt Becky and Sarah.  Wow they look related like mother daughter. 
That evening we went to a Rodeo.  Christopher kept calling it a Radio. He was so excited, he wanted to get out there and ride.
The girls again.
They have an event for kids under 5 called Muffin Bucking.  Check out Christopher. video They have to ride sheep bare back.
The Budweiser  wagon was a great site for the kids  They loved hearing them stomp by.  Video
Sophia in the comfort of Papa's arms.  She's content.  Oh and her thumb.
Christopher having a blast.
They had some motorcycle riders from the X-Games put on an exhibition on jumps.  They were very good.
I am so glad he enjoyed this experience.   
After Leaving the Rodeo a firefly landed on the windshield, so I got out and put him in a plastic bottle so Christopher could see it closer when we get home.  I also got some video of it 
The kids played in the water and had a blast.  Video
Christopher  was not fond of Maddie, so this is a rare picture where he is back with the dog by himself.  Yes, he's in his underwear to play in the sprinkler toy Aunt Becky bought him.
With this, we end the day bathe them, dinner and Bed.  

Good night...