May 19th,  2008 The Day We Arrive at Aunt Becky's & Uncle Rick's
After a night in the rest stop in the middle of MO.  We plan a for a full day of travel to arrive in Claremore OK.  Sophia was so excited that she didn't want to waste time getting her cloths on and she put Daddy's sunglasses on upside down,  But she did make sure she had her new purse and baby doll with her. 
Daddy was helping Sarah walk and Sophia joined in to help sister, it was so cute.
Christopher is getting very protective of his sister.  He was making sure she would not go into the street.  Every morning he want her to get up with him and then they play.
Well the birds are using this bird house.  I didn't think they would.
Christopher was so excited to  see this big tank.  I am not sure what it is but it was large.
LOOK!  Christopher and Sophia was able to find a herd of cones and rounded them up just for this picture.
Most of the pictures are scenic one of Missouri a few from Illinois.
We are driving through the Ozarks.  This is amazing mountain range
A cool tripod water tank.
They have a lot of these out this way.
River everywere
We took the old Route 66 from the west side of Missouri all the way in to Claremore OK.
Ah  did we go the wrong direction?
Can you say boats.
These are all boats cover and the rest are trailers waiting for boats. 
and more boats.
Christopher enjoys seeing these cranes.
Interesting rock form along the freeway.
This is a large flag and the wind is blowing so hard that it the flag was sticking straight out.  I think we were having wind gust up to 60 to 70+.
Do you think we should tell this trucker he lost his cargo?  I think they eat a hole thought the trailer.
And here they are playing in the water.
Route 66
Daddy just taking in all of the views.
This is a small town on the boarder of Missouri & Kansas on route 66.
tried to get the picture but this was the best it is a eatery called  Wak & Roll. 
Cool Church Building.
Ya think! 
Can you imagine drinking water from this tank? yuck!
We are now about to enter into Kansas.
Well Let me show you our new house.  It is a little small but the place will do for now.
Oh, did I tell you it had a small water fall and lake?
Well we are now in Kansas and it is getting flat.
These are some interesting farming equipment.  It looks like the brass wheels are spinning. but that are not.
More river no shortage of these here.
Kansas Route 66.  This is one of Papi's dreams is to drive this route.
This is part of route 66
Note the small old sign "Get Your Kicks on 66"
Papi's other dream is to rebuild an old car.
Good Bye Kansas Hello Oklahoma
Bridge is low like 13' 8" after our last low bridge you look at them all.
Oh no I think we made a wrong turn.  How did we get to Florida, Papi assured me this is Miama OK.  Yes Papi said that say like "MIAMA"
Oklahoma Route 66 sign.
Guess what another river.
They sure drive interesting car & trucks out here.  I guess they call this ATV on steroids.
Papi relaxing with the girls.
route 66 OK
We are now in Claremore Oklahoma.  The place of Will Rogers.
We arrive a Aunt Becky's & Uncle Rick's farm.  Christopher got Uncle Rick to pull out the tractor for a ride.
Christopher thinks he is in a parade. 
Of course Sophia is the spectator. Waving back like a princess her wave is below the tiara.
Now he is trying to get the tractor around to attack Mady (the big dog)
Aunt Beck got Christopher and Daddy a bug cage so he could catch the lighting bugs.
They have no shortage of beetles. And with this guy we pack up and head for bed good night.