May 17th, 2008 Our last day to visit Jo Jo had a great time!
 While we were getting ready, this truck pulled up to stock the lake with more fish.  I asked Papa if he would take Christopher out to watch.  Not only was he able to see, they let him help.
They are releasing fish into the lake.  Releasing = dumping them out.
This is one of the three sons of the man who owns the fishery.
They ask if Christopher would like to let some go?  Of course Christopher leapt at the chance jumping and yelling YES YES YES!  Could you show a little more enthusiasm?
Oh, do I have to touch it? 
Okay!  I'm a strong boy.  I can't let the other kids beat me.  This fish is heavy.
Watch the video!  Click on the picture or here
Hey I did it!
Here, try this one.  It's bigger.  They're they same height, but this little boy is three years older than Christopher.
Okay!  Hold on fish because this could be a bumpy ride.  It was so great that they allowed him this experience.  I guess they don't have as many liability suits here.  The way life should be.
Now after the fish fun we head to the park to visit Jo Jo and family.
Just a cool car we saw as we arrived at the park.
The play ground with a very tall tree in the center.  See the adult sitting on the bench under the tree to get an idea of its size.
Sarah was in love with this swing,  I never heard her laugh so much and hard as she did in this swing.  video 
This is so much fun.  Can we take it home?   video 
Christopher found a friend as we waited for Jo Jo Gwen and the girls      Video
Sophia was working on keeping her figure.  She is so cute, look at her mouth.  She is trying so hard to pull herself up.  She did it herself, but it's too far to the ground to let go completely.
Yea, they arrived and it was a great time.
She was all into this playground and she played hard.   Video 
This is Taylor helping Jo Jo up.  She is the same age as Christopher and a female clone of him.  They are both very outgoing and like to play rough.
Jo Jo is full of energy and growing so fast.
Jonah eating a pickle and Sophia begging for some.  She loves dill pickles. 
Oh you are going to give me my own?  I'm good with that.
Daisha (spelling?),  I was so impressed with her.  She cared about the feelings of everyone.  I had two toys (car & purse)  and asked them to choose and the younger one, Taylor, chose the purse and Diasha told her "ok, you can have it I will take the car".  After picking my chin up from the floor, I told her let's go get what you wanted.  She responded "are you sure".
His laugh was so great to hear again.
His smile was as cheerful as the spring sun that day.
I asked if she could look at me without smiling.  Yes, I can!  So I started to take the picture and made a funny sound.  You can see the result.
Wow!  This is a deja vous.  Papa and Jo Jo swinging.
Alright, I had to take a turn to make sure they were really having fun.  I will get back to you on this, but it was a blast.  I didn't want to get up until a 6 year old tell me its his turn. I said no, so Papa took me off kicking and screaming NO NO it's my turn. Then Papa gave me a time out.
It almost makes you want to take a nap.
This is Gwen's oldest daughter.  They all are very nice girls.  She does such a great job with them.  What a nurturing person she is.
Sarah starting to show her independence.  She is trying to stand alone more and more.  Not yet, but close.
What!  I'm a full figured girl.  It takes a little longer.
The boys played like brothers  video  This ladder was very tall for them and they had NO FEAR! 
Sophia needed some alone time so she started to walk on this path.  We kept an eye on her but she followed it for a long time.
Gwen's girls are great.  Kind, polite and loved to play with the babies.
Papa & Gwen talking as the boys worked on relocating the playground one shovel full at a time.
Jo Jo just fell in love with Sophia.  video
Sophia wanted to touch Spiderman.
Jo Jo wanted to take pictures all day so I let him and I thought this one was a great shot of his.
Then he headed for his momma.  Gwen said make me look skinny.   She is a beautiful woman (outside and inside).  The love of her kids is evident in nearly everything she says and does.
Jo Jo getting hugs from momma.
Christopher got a hold of the Cinnamon Graham Crackers and was sharing them with everyone on the playground. As you can see, word got around and they started to come to him.
Jo Jo is just like Christopher share the food.  That is a good thing. 
It looks like she is getting ready to take off on her broom.
Of course Sarah is looking for food.  These grapes are as delicious as they look.
Sophia took lessons from Christopher and started to walk up to strangers and talk to them.
Johan told us the grapes are to spicy but he meant to say sour.  So I guess he thought if he planted them he could grow sweeter ones.
Now the play ground has grapes planted all over it.
We're saying our good byes and it is not as hard as the first time, but still not easy.  Now we have more to miss.
What sweet hearts.  We love all of you and Jo Jo you will always have a place in our hearts.  xoxox Love Papa & Daddy
At the end of the day a Squirrel came up, and both boys felt the urge to chase it. 
Our group shot.  Some more extended family.  Isn't it amazing how our family just keeps on growing?
What a way to end the day.  It is always interesting how God  lets us know everything will be alright.