May 16th of 2008  A long awaited day 
As we waited for the phone call from Jonah's mom to let us know she was off work, Christopher took control of the camera again.  The next few pictures are his.
I was working on the web, and he said "daddy" click.
I think I know how this works. click picture for video.
We are on our way!  A long awaited time to see Jonah for the first time after he went to his new family.
This was Christopher's favorite horse out of 50.  As we were driving past, he saw two horses playing "leap frog".  Wink!  Wink!  Then they where his favorite, because they like to play.  Oh no!
Well Papa was driving and I was able to get some pictures when we were still.  So here is one of the few that did come out.
He was in a hurry to see Jo Jo, so most of my shots look blurry like this one.  He's a man on a mission.
I was able to get this picture on the move because it was going as fast as we were.
This is Jo Jo playing as we drove up to MD.  He waved at us through the window with a big smile.
This is the point where Papa's heart stood still and time passed as if we were in slow motion.  His little baby boy has become a lot bigger.  Papa doesn't usually embrace his tears, but you can be sure this is one of those times when he will be able to break loose. 
Christopher with Gwen's youngest girls and Joe (as they call him), burning off some energy chasing one another around the play area.
Here he comes.
No, it's your turn to chase me.
And here they come again.  Who say's we have an energy crisis?  What we really have is a lack of focus on tapping the energy right in front of us.
I'm gonna get you.
Daisha is such a love.  I can see her being a teacher or a doctor when she's old enough.
The camera didn't work so good inside.
Let's eat and then get back to playing.
Not me, I've still got some energy to burn off.
Not shy.
Not shy!
I can remember them playing like this before Joe could run fast enough to get away or catch Christopher.  I think they're on pretty equal footing now.
Oh no, I think I've lost something.
Taylor is looking to catch up with the others.
Sarah was having fun with Gwen and her girls.  From the interaction, you'd have thought we'd known one another for years.
Hey, where'd every body go?
Hmmmm.  They're all over there.
Why don't we eat something?
I'm not sure if I like this idea or not.
And back inside the tunnels.
Okay, maybe a short break.
Now it's time to relive some time with Jungle-Papa.
Video available by clicking on the picture.
She's my momma.  
Christopher making even more friends.
Time to toss Joe around a little more.
You can tell from the expression on his face that he is terrified.
I wonder if Gwen was concerned.  She didn't say anything, but looking back at these pictures, I wonder how I would have responded if things had been reversed.  
Hey, what's this?  Do I see French Fries?  
Don't take my picture.  Oh, okay.
Sophia got inside the tunnels.
She was right at home in there.
Okay, time to stop 'cause I see ice-cream.
Can you hold on to that other one until I'm finished with this one?
Gwen got into "Mom" mode and took right to feeding Sarah some ice cream.
It looks like they're both having a good time.
What?  I'm not spilling.
Hey, what about me?  See, I know how to do it.
I'm hiding out over here by Mom.
On my what?
This thing doesn't seem to be getting any smaller.
Here, let me help you with that.
Okay, that's enough.
I like this stuff.
Pretty good stuff, eh?  
Okay, you go play, I'm getting more energy.
Who says they never slow down?
Hey, it is getting smaller afterall.
A little drippy, eh?
On my what?
I'm tired just watching them.
Hey, what'cha doing over there?
Oh, they lost their cars under the tunnels and are trying to reach them.
I'm keeping my car up here so I won't have that problem.
Time for more chasing.
I'm still working this ice cream cone.
Look at what I can do.
Looks like Sophia got herself in here, I should help her out.
Hiiiiiiiiiii!  Notice the hand waving ... never above the Tierra.  My Daddy taught me that.
I just wanna hug him.  He's not really okay with that.  Yet!
Okay, well maybe a little one.
Daddy is helping these kids get their cars back.
It's way under there isn't it?
Okay Papa, no fair with the camera.
I think Sarah is in heaven.
Maybe that's brain-freeze.
A little girl- time in the tunnels.
Gee, this looks like fun.
Our group kinda took over the play room at McDonald's.
Daisha took a liking to both babies.
It's always good to see parents who get right in there with their kids.
I'm so cute and I know it.
You caught me.
Papa is in his element when he gets to be a kid with the kids.
Daddy too.
A group shot from Christopher.
After we left, we came across this BBQ restaurant.  "Squealers", how apropos!


This one is hard to see, but Sophia has started to undress herself and say "bath".  She knows how to get her needs met.