May 15th 2008  Here we come Jo Jo (Jonah) Indianapolis Indiana.
We stayed the night in a very nice rest area on the border of Pennsylvania and Ohio.  After taking off about 5 minutes into the drive this faint blue arch came into sight.  This was one of the best Welcome signs so far. 
I do have to say That Ohio is a beautiful state.  The part we have seen anyway. 
Some more water towers for Daddy.
Wow, two in this small town.
This was interesting.
I did not realize that candles could make enough money to justify building a place like this. 
Guess what?  A water tower.
I sure miss watching the Padre's play on Ch 4.
Yes, another water tower.
I really like these old buildings.
Just a scenic shot.  I'm loving the hills.
This looks so peaceful.
More old barns.
Look.  Deer on the off ramp of the rest area.
They're not real.
This is a huge water tower.
We are just about to arrive at the park we will be staying at in Indianapolis Indiana called Indy Lakes.  This river is just down the road from them.
The road to the park.  Some of the road is pretty narrow.
And the other side of the river.
After a 4 hour drive the kids found the recyclable stuff more interesting than their toys.
Sophia and Sarah were able to get the sticky label off of the  plastic apple container.  They where a little confused at why it was sticking to their  fingers.  It reminds me of a cat playing with a ball of tape.
They played with these for at least two hours, not a cry or fight.  Yes, Sarah is now demanding her share of items.  
After the play with the recyclables Christopher and Daddy went for a walk around the lake.  As soon as we walked outside Christopher found this bird nest.  He is getting very good at spotting animals now. 
The lake is catch and release, but they ask you to bring the big fish up and they put them in this tank until the next week when they put them in one of the other lakes.  They have three lakes.
When I saw these geese I thought of Pamie.  This one is for you. Love daddy
I know it's crooked, but I want it that way.  Just a interesting picture.
As we walked around the lakes Christopher, with his very friendly way, walked up and said "Hi Mister".  The fisherman replied "Hi, be quit."  Christopher as you can see was not happy with this guy.
Christopher wanted so bad to chase these ducks into the lake.
Christopher wanted to see the fish in the lake but I told him it was not clear enough to see them. But we did find a lot of fishing lures stuck on the power lines over the lake.  
And more.  This was just a very small amount on it.
When  we found this fish Christopher asked why he was swimming on his back.  I said he wanted to get a tan on his belly.  Christopher, being the smart child he is, said "No, he's dead Daddy"   LOL.
The next morning we took a drive around Indianapolis.  As you can see Papa was not into it at first he was still tired because Daddy left the TV on until 1am.
This is the new stadium they are building.  The ends open up. 
They are hoping that the Super Bowl will be held here soon.
This was as we entered into downtown.
This is what that first big building 
This is the RCA Dome they use now.  I wonder what will become of it?
A lot of the next pictures are of Downtown Indianapolis.
This is a statue of Abraham Lincoln in front of the Indiana Government Center.
They are here to protect the buildings.  They must think someone is planning to steal one.  NOT REALLY ! 
This is the court house.
I like the statues, but think they would look better without bird poo.
The tall building on the right with the needle made me think of Lego's.  That's kind of what it looked like to me. 
This is looking up at it.  Papa took this picture as the car was moving (I was driving) I think it came out good.
This old church is in the middle of downtown.
This was a huge monument in the middle of, town.  You drive around it in a circle so I drove around and took pictures of each side.  Each side had something different.
One side.
up close.
Another side...
This is looking down one of the streets as we're driving around the circle.
Another view...
This was very tall.
This is the Indianapolis Arts Garden.  What a cool building.
The other side of the court house.
Up close.
They have no shortage of statues here.  I am not sure what this one is.
Oh!  That's right the Colts are here so I had to take a picture of the place they play.  But I'm still a big Charger Fan.
After this long day I had no drive to catch the sunset, so I will end it will with this picture.  You'd think that after being in their car-seat's today, this would be the last place they'd want to be; but they fought to be in it.  Go figure.