May 13th, 2008:  Happy Tuesday, we're off to where the roads leads us. PA?
It's a great day to be out and about.  The sun is shining and it is warm with a gentle breeze.  Everything is green with a lot of color from foliage to flowers.  Good Bye Lei Ti Too hope to come again soon.
What can we say.  She likes her girly stuff when she plays with Christopher's trucks.
I did it!  I am queen of the pillow
I thought if I put these on you would not know me.  I guess it didn't work.
Guess who had the camera?
This person.  We had pictures of things I would never think of taking pictures of.  A button on the couch.  The girls diapers... and so on.  Oh yes, and a self portrait.
High school mascot.
This is the town of Caledonia in upstate New York.
As we arrived in Avon New York they had this Calgary War Memorial.  I tried to get a picture of it, but there were too many trees.
Leaving Avon NY.
This was a large sand plant in south east NY.
The views are hard to capture in a moving coach,  but they are unbelievably beautiful. 
So many colors and it is only spring.  Fall must be a real treat.
I just like these old barn buildings.
More scenery.
and again...
Rivers all over,  no shortage of them here.
I think these are a form of maple (Acer).
Enjoy these scenery pictures.  They are from Hwy-15 south in NY.
I was surprised to see a logging truck, but this is where Cherry Wood,  Ash and Maple come from.
Their Airport.   LOL
Entering Town
Leaving town
I  found it amazing that towns on the east coast have Est in the 1700's.  This one is 1794
We are now leaving New York.   The bridge is the state line.
What state are we going into? Ah, Pennsylvania.
The town on the other side of the bridge.
Christopher's picture.  He did a pretty good job at capturing the animals from his car-seat while we were in motion.
Landscape with a big airliner in the sky leaving a trail of condensation. 
Some metal factory in the middle of nowhere.
Here is the factory building.
Pennsylvania scenery  
Here they clear cut and burn old wood.  This makes me think of our trip through Washington State when Christopher kept saying it's dirty.
In these pictures we will be going through the White deer Hills and the Appalachian Mountains.
This is looking across the Susquehanna River to a small town at the foot hills of the Appalachians.
Here is the town.
Cool stone building.
The main street in town.
We both liked the look of this house.  It makes me think of a good haunted house for Halloween.
This is a Little League Museum and they have some great ball fields in the back that look like MLB spring training fields.
Okay!  I guess some people don't have enough fleas so they have to shop for them at this market.  Just kidding duh. This is a market where fleas sell stuff.  Alright, we call them swap meets.
We are in the White Deer mountains.
This one was huge.
Reptiland Zoo.  It looks like people go.
More farm houses.
We missed the best sign.  It said "Aggressive drivers.  High Crash area".  They should have these all over California.
Here we found another one but hard to see. nice lake behind.
We stopped at a rest area and stretched. 
This was on top of the Appellation mountains in Penn.
Christopher found a small creek and begged to jump into it.  He was wearing his last pair of dry shoes so I did not let him.
He loved looking and watching the caterpillars as they made a silk-like web. 
Then this came up and landed in front of us.  God has set this stuff all right in front of us.  We just have to be willing to look.
Looking back at the rest area.
Daddy:  Do you think I can get into trouble letting our pets out?  Leader of the pack scratching.  I love you sweetie
Christopher had to climb on everything.  I told him this is art work and not to climb on it.  Christopher: then why is it here?  LOL 
On our way to New York, I was trying to explain to Christopher how water has a cycle. On our return trip we find this professional diagram describing exactly what I wanted to teach him. What a great learning tool.
Look Daddy.  With help, I am walking.
I sure do love my family.
The day is ending time to wind down.  It is about 8:45 pm and sun is still up.
Time to get back on the road while the kids are slowing down.
Daddy getting his sunset pictures.  This was atop the Appellation Mountains with truckers going under the bridge.
Thank you for visiting
Good Night!