May 10th through 12th, 2008: Some Leisure Time at Lei Ti Too
And the morning begins with a little indoor exercise.
Sarah has figured out how to remove the floor in her playpen, uh crib.  She's so proud of herself.
Look Papa, I can ride a pony.  Click the picture for video.
I know I may not leave the tile area with food, so I brought my pillow on the tile.  Clever girl, eh?
I'm planning the next stop.  Daddy and Papa did a pretty good job with this place, but it's my turn to make the choice.  Click the picture to see the video.
Look, I have a home-made walker.  Click the picture for video.  I was beginning to think she might not walk on this trip, but who knows?
So you think you should wear Papa's shorts?  Click the picture for video.
I'm just as cute as I can be.
Look, I'm climbing everything I can find now.
Daddy and I took a walk and found this little stream.  It was fun throwing rocks here.
I know brother is at the playground and I want to go too, but there's this doggy in the way.
I'm finished digging up the playground.  What's for lunch?
Here comes brother to save me.
How did he talk this little girl out of her scooter?
Papa is writing old-fashioned letters while watching the kids play outside.
Sophia spent a good 15 minutes walking up and down these stairs that went "nowhere".
She kept trying to ride Christopher's bike, but her legs don't quite reach just yet.
What?!  I'm just standing on something with wheels.
I wasn't staying where I said I would and so I need to sit here for five minutes and think about checking in before changing my location.  Being four is not easy.  Papa wouldn't let me talk my way out of this one.
A local flower.  Daddy will know the name.  Daddy here this is a  wild Strawberry (Fragaria virginana)


Some of Daddy's artwork.
and more.
Papa and Sophia are spreading some more seeds in memory of Grandma.  These were placed on the top of the SW hill near the tree shaped like a Y.  Click the picture to see video.
Sophia demanded that she be allowed to walk down the hill.  Click the picture for the video of her determination.
A group shot near the end of our hike.
Another group shot.  Look who's hanging off of Daddy's back.  She giggled the whole time we were on the hill.
Sophia thinks she's a groundhog, but she's really a Meerkat {spelling}.
Sophia found her way into trouble again.  There are plastic covers over the holes where the fresh water faucets are located throughout the park, but this one was "old".
Everyone got into the rescue action.  Sarah wanted to try her hand at getting in the hole.  The problem is that she's crawling, so she'd end up in the thing head first if I didn't stop her.
Coming down the hill with stroller in hand.  Whoa baby girls.
Oh my goodness.  I think we may have lost control.
Papa found some tulips growing on the side of the hill.  It was as though someone placed them strategically for a cool look.
Daddy just loves these apple trees in bloom.  I think they're pretty cool too.
How beautiful.  Looks similar to the cherry blossoms.
Some of the woods.
What campsite would be complete without the bear holding a fish?
Christopher wanted to play golf, so he needed to take the money to the office for a club and ball.  Click the picture for video of his very first independent purchase.
And we finish dinner with ice cream sandwiches.
Think she likes it?
I look good in everything I eat.
What a beautiful little baby girl.
Notice it's still light outside and Christopher came in asking to go to bed to take a "rest".  Click the picture for video.
He laid down at 7:04pm.
... and was totally out by - >
... and an hour later, well you get the "picture".