May 8th, 2008  A Trip To See Rochester and Lake Ontario
This morning we start out giving fuel to the girls.  Like they need more energy.
Another of Daddy's water towers.  This is a town just south west of Rochester
I like the way NY has made signs for all of the little towns.
What a beautiful state so far.
This town was established in 1813.
Guess what?  We made it to Rochester NY.
Oh.  A flower show, can we go?  Can we?  Can we?
They have some very old buildings with interesting architectural designs. 
This is the Kodak World Head Quarters building.
They don't have tall buildings.  It is more like downtown San Diego but older.
The area we are heading to is the old part.  Kodak World Head Quarters is here. 
These are some cool buildings.  You will see them from the back side a little later.   They have a cave under them.
This is a walking bridge.
About the bridge.  Pont De Rennes (or Bridge of Rennes, in English).
View from the bridge. It over looks a park and I think these are called High Falls in Downtown Rochester.
View from the other side.
Christopher told us that the opening to the right is where alligators live.
This hole is for alligators.
Not even close to the Niagara Falls, but I think they generate power here too.
The park near the falls.
Looking back in to High Falls an old suburb of Rochester with a lot of historical sites.
Oh what a surprise.  A wild turkey.  I never thought of them as a flying bird. I saw this one flying with grace and precision.  He was putting on quite a show for us. 
This is the back of those earlier buildings.  See the cave under it?  Way cool.
Old smoke stack. 
Some cool art formations.
Christopher asked for the camera and on a shooting spree he went.  The door, the back of my head, himself the sky, and so on.  Papa is "and so on".
We stopped at this mall to get some lunch and a little time out of this one rainy day in Rochester.  Christopher saw this merry-go-round and hounded us until lunch was over and he got to ride.  It took about twenty or more pictures to get a good one.
This is it.  Both of us looking and visible. 
You would think that something special was going on here.  But it is only a fountain.  It amazes me how amazing kids find water to be.
And the big show.
Sophia wanting a nap after a long day of shopping.  Papa happy to snuggle with her for a moment before getting back in the car.
Not sure what this is but looked interesting.
Some of the homes in Rochester area.
We liked the art work on this horse.
We are heading over to Lake Ontario through this park.  It is full of Maple trees. 
The have a nice collection of Acer (Maple) trees.
We made it to Lake Ontario.  Here's our first peek.
Can you believe they are in the water?  It must be 50 degrees. 
Daddy and Christopher off to touch the lake water.  
This older guy was getting ready for sail boarding.  Daddy referred to him as "older", but Papa realizes that he's about our age.
It is amazing how big these lakes are.  They look more like a fresh water sea.
These are what 'they' call waves.  he-he-he.  We call these wakes.
Being silly, a rare thing for Daddy to do.  Not!  Both boys are trying to be macho or gorilla's ... not sure which.
Papa and Christopher picking up rocks to throw into the water.
Here Papa, you don't have enough rocks to throw.
Christopher is trying to throw a rock in the water that is about 100 feet away.
Away he goes. 
Can he get up?
Hey.  Old guys can do it.  Old dudes rule!
Both.  That looks like a big sand bar in the lake.
This is for you Suzen. Look close at the windows.
In the window.
I will never get over looking at these trees in bloom.
Our drive down the shore line of the lake.
Then we found our new boat.  We've decided to purchase it with Angie.
This is the river from High Falls going into Lake Ontario.
Guess where we are?  
Papa could not see the map so he took take a picture of it to zoom in and find then name of the street we needed.  It's tough getting older.
This was a mix of fuels I would not want to be around if it went up.  Jet fuel, can you say BOOM and kiss your backside good bye?
New York's  way of saying  "you're it".
On our way back we drove by UR (University Of Rochester).
Nice place.
It is green everywhere we went.
We reached UR.
They have a nice campus.
Hope Lifts Our Hearts.  These signs are across from the cemetery.
I wanted a picture of this building, but could not figure out how to get to it.  We even drove into this cemetery to find it with no luck.  But,  we came across some old WWl and WWll  head stones.
We owe these folks a great debt.
Sophia wants to ride a bike.
So she puts on her helmet.  But she could not reach the pedals. 
The Apple trees in the park are in full bloom.  They will have no shortage of apples here.
and more.
Christopher is liking this human fetch (golf ) stuff.
Now he is praying to the golf gods, please let me get this ball in the hole.  I am now on try 14,389  on a par 2 so please let me make it.  My average is going down.
This old phone both made me think of  Superman.
I said I am not ready to go to bed. 
We are practicing our vowels.  He had to find them.