May 6th, 2008  Off To Lei Ti Too (Leisure Time Too RV Park)
After a great day at Niagara Falls yesterday with the beautiful sunset on Lake Erie, we are off to   Le Roy New York for a stay at Lei Ti Too Campground. This has been a awesome trip.  We are leaving Evengola State Park in Farnham  NY.  This is what most of the welcome signs look like ... very nice.
This sounds like fun, I wish we were going to be here.
Another water tower.  This one is from the Seneca Indian Nation.  Daddy's mother was Seneca.
Oh no, that bridge again.
Two in a row.
Hey!  That's not fair.  These trucks are lower.
Okay here we go.  Pap drove ahead so we could get pictures of us going under it.
We had to dump the airbags to make it under this bridge.  We might could have made it, but wanted to keep the AC & Satellite on top of the unit.
Squeak.  I think we made it with two inches to spare.  Okay, time to take inventory again.  Yes everything is still connected. 
I was laughing so hard at this.  They even designed the poop with a twist on top.
Can you tell that this boy loves his cheese.
Yes, some more water towers.
This is a little town just west of Le Roy NY.  Very clean and well kept.
Another water tower.
Just before we got to Le Roy.
Papa is so ready to restore a old car.  We saw one for sale and he ran through his mind how we could get it back.
This was a farm that sold live stock.  I wanted to stop but I could not figure out how to get a side of beef home.
Old grave yard.
Next town.
Christopher wanted us to stop so he could ride in the tractor. 
Some of the scenery just out side of Le Roy NY.
The scenery of New York is more beautiful than I was expecting.
Big Farm and cool sign
Some more of the farm
This truck tractor picks up cat trees and stripes them of the branches.   ???????
We are now five miles south of Le Roy.
Lots of rivers for fishing.
It looks like they use a sand and salt mixture for the icy roads in winter.
Almost there.
We are now entering Le Roy where the park is located.
It is a very nice area, people take pride of their homes and yards.
A small lake in the middle of town.
The other side.
Some of the buildings in town.
Birth place of Jell-O.  Now there's the kind of opportunity I'm looking for a $450 investment developed into a multi-billion dollar organization.
More farms just out side of town.
Even the farms are well taken care of.
They need to upgrade this sign.
This is the first mobile home I've seen in Le Roy so far.
The road in front of the park is very nice.  It is very quiet ... maybe one car every two hours.
The rest are mostly of the Lei Ti Too Campground.  Note the small hill areas that are cleared.  Well these are not all that small.  Christopher and I Climbed them and after being on top and looking down they got a lot bigger.
This used to be Frost Ridge Ski Resort back in the 50's.  Some of the Olympic skiers trained here.  Those are the old ski slopes.
This is part of the old lift. Originally there were three lifts in the park.
They just opened on the 1st of may and about 1/3 of the park is already in use.
Apples any one?  They have apples trees in full bloom all over here. This is a huge one.
The Main ski lift.
I was so excited to see a wide variety of birds.  This Finch  was only one of many until I tried to take this picture.
One part of the ski slope.
Now they are lined with hiking trail markers.
Inside the forest.
Another slope.
Christopher and me hiking on top of the slopes.
Looking down at the park from the hill.  See, it's much more steep than it appears from the bottom of the slope.
More apple trees.
Up top again.
You can see us with the jeep behind.
Views from our hike.
These are caterpillars making silk.  This looked so cool. 
Some of the wild flowers.  No shortage of wild flowers.
Christopher was more into this hike than I thought he would be.  In fact he ask me last night if we can do it again tomorrow.
I like the leaves and I also like the picture.  It would back a nice desktop wallpaper.
We made it back to the road.  
So we walked back up the road to the campground.
The trees are beautiful.
They have mini-golf here too.  It looks like fun.  We'll have to play.
A painting of the old ski resort.
The park.
Our Unit.
Christopher played in the play ground for a little while, then we went to town for milk and such.  The pictures that follow are from around town.  
This is the yard I will show you the house later I missed it this time I will get it on the way back.
welcome sign.
More History about Le Roy
Coming in another way.
This was the home of the yard earlier.
More wild flowers everywhere
The river close to the park.
Old Barn.
Like the trees here.
More of the houses here.
This is what the roads look like as you drive down.
Papa not posing and had no Idea I was taking a picture.  He looks very relaxed.  He was just having a good time watching the kids run and play.
Sarah learning how to count all of the rocks in the play area.
Sarah was in love with this swing.  She would giggle and kick her legs as if she were riding a pony.  It was so great to see her excited.
Sophia had no interest in this swing.  Get me "OFF".
Sophia climbed up this ladder with NO HELP.  She amazes us with each new trick.
More park
We were playing with the bubble thing Grandma & Grandpa gave Christopher.  It makes very large bubbles.
Christopher standing next to the campground sign.  With his energy, it is difficult to relax ...
... until bed time that is.  Papa helps the calming process with a little grooming.  Good night to our little angels.