May 5th, 2008   Good Morning Fans Off to Niagara Falls NY
Good Morning Fans. I am getting ready for a day at the Niagara Falls and Buffalo New York.  I have to brush my teeth then off we go.



note:  we posted in archives the 3rd and 4th

What?  I am trying to do my home work first.  Oh the big waterfalls count me in.
Sure I will go.  Just be sure you bring food or you know what will happen.  Okay then, lets get dressed and make like a baby (head out).
Leaving the park this morning, we saw two Canadian Geese.
Christopher saw this deer.  Can you spot it? It is in the center by the tree line.
Look at that.  Another one flew in.
Christopher wanted a picture of this dog, or Dog Not.
More silos. 
Check out this drive in theater.  These are so rare now.  Today's kids don't know what they are missing.  The joy of getting in for free by hiding in the trunk.  Oh, I guess that was a crime and not free after all.
Another tank in NY.
Papa's panoramic view of Lake Erie
Looking across Lake Erie at Downtown Buffalo. 
Some of the coastline.
The new replaces the old.  Notice the decaying industrial buildings behind.
Ford Plant in the industrial part of Buffalo. It had Buffalo Stamping Plant on the sign.  I guess that's where they stamp out parts.
Of course Daddy had to get the water tower.
An older building with the Buffalo nickel on it.  
A steel plant, I think.
The industrial area is run down and a lot the buildings are vacant.
This was an old cool looking building.  It makes me think of a reformatory.
More of the Industrial area.
Coming up on Downtown Buffalo.
Last of the industrial park.  There were many trains and tracks going in all directions.  Christopher was in train heaven.
Christopher likes all of this big truck and equipment stuff.
We are heading over the bridge into downtown.  Notice the crane in the middle?  It's actually mounted on a large ship.  So cool.
Then we came across a General Mills plant.
Now for Downtown.  They have a lot of old buildings have some great architecture. 
I thought it was going to be very busy and congested.  But, it had less traffic than downtown San Diego.  Of course, it's a lot smaller, but we were expecting a little more density.
Daddy was in love with north east Tulips everywhere.
One of the old buildings.  I think it's a courthouse.
Mixed with modern art.
If you don't drive a little aggressive you could get stuck in this circle going around this monument forever.  They have these all around town.
And of course Christopher needed the picture of the Buffalo New York fire truck.  Again we are in a circle.
After getting out of the circle, we headed back to the freeway for Niagara Falls.
More of downtown.
Hey Mo!  This one's for you.  Love ya' girl.
This is a bridge going over the east Niagara River.  This is headed for the falls
A turning bridge.  In our trips here we have found out that they built some of the bridges rather low.  We are in the Jeep but a bridge came up with a clearance of only 10' 9"  and the coach is 12' 9".  Thank God we are in the Jeep.
Who'd have thought they'd have an Austin street anywhere in New York?
See this guy riding in the back of the pickup?  I guess They don't have a law against this here.  We had to get a picture because no one back home would believe us.
Hey, I own a Kenmore.
These are the toll bridges going over the Niagara east River.  The river splits into two around this Island called Grand Island.
Here we go along with Daddy's heart rate.
This one's for you, Moby.
They have a small amusement park getting ready to open for the spring summer season.  That has been one of the blessings/curses of traveling off-season.  Most things are not officially open for a few weeks.  No crowds, but sometimes no access.
This is the bridge going back over the river leaving the island.  To the left of the bridge is Niagara west river meeting back up with Niagara east.
As soon as we crossed the bridge we had to take the first exit, # 21 .  But I heard Papa say take 62 so I just kept going on.  After passing it he said where are you going.  I replied "to 62." He said you just passed it.  He meant Route 62 not Exit 62. Oh well we both laughed and decided it was time for lunch.
 Niagara Falls Water Tower.
The hill side is the city dump with grass growing over it.  The dump is on the other side
This is the road down to Niagara Falls
If you look way back you will see a mist from the falls.
We made it.
Looking across to Canada.  I wonder if their Casino's are from Indian Gaming?  ;-)
Some of the park at the entrance.  Oh, by the way, it is free to go see the water falls, payment is required only for parking.
Daddy and his flowers.
more of the same flower.
Yes we were able to get someone to take a family shot.
Daddy trying to be artsy fartsy.  And it worked!
Picture explains it all.
Christopher reading the map of how to get to the falls.
Break Time. 
Tree USA.  Building Canada.   View Priceless.
Look at all of those blooming Cherry Blossoms.

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