May 4th, 2008: What a glorious morning.
Here's a great morning shot out the window while Daddy has the kids dog-pile on Papa to get him out of bed.  Time to go, so you gotta' get up.
I'm a baseball girl and I'm ready to get out and play.  Not quite ready to walk, but I think I can catch a ball.
Okay well, maybe it's a hat.
Christopher got hold of Sophia's glasses.  I'm not sure if Sarah is jealous or confused.
Christopher helps at the dump-station.  He wants to help "get the poop out".
This is such a pretty little fishing lake.  Folks have been catching crappe all weekend.
Hiking trail?
One last shot, just before we left.
Now we're back on I-80 and headed to Pennsylvania and New York.
Daddy's driving today.
Nice scenery and good road make for a pleasant trip out of Ohio.
Ohio farmland.
... and farm.
Rolling hills.
Such a princess.
It is not okay to throw your cup down, please hand it to me when you're finished.
Daddy was ready to set up shop in this greenhouse.
A cemetery.
Pretty, eh?
North Kingsville water tower.
We decided that the small state highways were more interesting, but the road is not quite as good.
Cute little homes.
Unique architecture.  I like it, but I do not know if I would want to live in it.
More cemetery.
I think this one is full and folks are dying to get in here.
Papa nearly chewed his arm off wanting to stop for some ice cream.
Cool architecture.
They're starting to bloom all over the place.
Cool church.
Sad to see this one in such disrepair.
I wish we'd gotten a better angle on this bridge.  It was beautiful.
Imagine Daddy drooling.
Welcome to Transylvania, uh Pennsylvania.  The roads went from okay to not so good.
Christopher was wanting a movie, but couldn't hold out to watch it through.
Sophia and Sarah took the time to learn their letters.  Sophie is getting pretty good a mimicking the sounds.  She may have her letters down before we return.  Probably not, but wouldn't that be cool?
Another cool Church.
This bridge looks "small" for us.
Christopher was very excited to see "two" cranes fixing this bridge.  It turned out that there were a couple more when we got close.
A retired jet in a cemetery.  Hmmm.
Lake Erie from Hwy-5 in Pennsylvania.
And into New York we go.  Cool State sign.
The first odd thing we noticed was that they were growing grapes here.  Who'd have thought that they wouldn't die with the frost.
The roads immediately got better.  The fuel prices immediately dropped by nearly 25 cents per gallon.  If we were to fill the tank, that's a $20 bill.
Cool silos.
I've forgotten the name of this little town, but they had American flags lining the street.  Christopher noticed them and was very excited about it.
Failed attempt at getting the church.
Cool architecture.
A memorial park dedicated to our veterans.  This was done with class.
The memorial.
I haven't heard it said better.
... with the flag.
A quiet park for reflecting.
There were beautiful churches on each side of the park.
And the information center.
Another church.
The library is across the street.
Some cool art for the library.
The Welch's building.
Who'd have thought.
This one's for you, Taylor.

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