May 3rd, 2008  Trip to Green Acers Lake Diamond Ohio
Another one of those large flags.  Look at a full size truck to compare.  It makes the truck look small.
Downtown Cleveland in the mist. 
Just a interesting church building 
This is our exit.
More of downtown Cleveland. 
Guess where we are?   ah  Akron OH!
Some of the residential area in Akron.
This is only part of the Goodyear Tire Plant
You know you are in an area that gets cold when you see a pump at the gas station with Kerosene.  It was $4.09 gal. I think I would be cutting my neighbors trees down for fire wood.   
Guess what this is?  hehe
Everything is in bloom and I love it.
More full blooms.
We now have arrived at the park around 1:30 pm ET.  Papa and Christopher could not wait to get out.  Off they go in the rain.
Christopher wanted to go jump in the rain puddles. 
Two large Pavilions still have the tables stored from winter.
They have natural gas.  This is the pump/well.
Open play area.
And he is off for the first puddle.
Looking back at our coach.
Guess what?
He found them.
Then he wanted to swing and splash every time he passed by the water.
Then one last splash before finding a new puddle.
This is the swimming lake they have not yet filled.  I think they use the water from the 14 acre lake about 100 feet away. 
I love all of the trees.
I love this picture with Christopher walking up to the tree.
Come on Daddy I see more puddles.
Look.  I found a tracker.  Can I drive it?
The girls had no interest in the tracker but look where they are looking.  At the pretty yellow flowers.
Ah these are pretty.
But, how do they taste? 
The lake is very calm after the storm that just came through.  It had very heavy rain and thunder.  I loved it.
Papa took this one.  I really like it.
Papa playing with the panorama settings on the camera.
Daddy took this for the reflection in the water.
Papa tending to the girls.
Another shot by daddy.
They all loved being out after that last hard cloud burst.  You should have seen the folks who were also camping here.  As the rain would come, everyone would grab up their outdoor stuff and run inside until it passed.  It was like rats jumping from a sinking ship.  I guess they were looking at us and thinking the same thing.
Our trek back to the coach.  Mush Papa, mush!
Daddy at it again with his artsy fartsy pictures.
All out of energy?  Yes.  Except for the kids.  They could go on forever.
Okay, well maybe not forever.  The results of a hard day playing in the rain puddles.  Good Night all of my little angels.