May 2nd 2008,  Leaving Indiana onward to Ohio
This is one of the house close to the park we stayed at. Some of the trees are starting the spring growth and other are bare.
Most of this page is going to be dedicated to scenic picture until the end.  So you will not see much text.  Enjoy we sure did 
Oh! can you say Harley Davidson's  they have an annual run each year to Sturgis. 
So here is the story.  Indiana and Ohio has what they call  Turn Pike you have to pay to drive on these roads. to get through Indiana we drove on one all the way. So when we got to the end at the state line of Ohio Indiana's toll both charged us $17.50.   
After crossing the state line Ohio's starts so I took the first off ramp and we took the back roads.  I am so glad we did. The views let us enjoy the pleasures of driving across country. So most of the pictures are from Alt 20 & 6 & 2
A lot of these farm have dates of when that family started to farm it.
Papi enjoys these.  They are pretty with all of the green and trees sure looks peaceful.
they even have joggers in Ohio in the rain.
We came across of these little towns from the back roads we would have never seen if we didn't take them.  Thank you Turn Pike for opportunity,  if you didn't charge us we would of stayed on it. 
Here is one with the Name and date Ellis Porter 1847. 
Papi and Daddy checking out the houses.
I can not believe how many human fetch field (golf) they have out here.
House and their front yard.
Guess who took this picture? 
The Fielitz's 1958
Pat Ruff 1954
This is Christopher sleeping (nap time) after his long search for cows, horses and trains.
Temp with the rain was a nice 69.
Daddy and his waster towers.
This river is coming out of the Great Lake Erie.
Here it is.
Guess who again?
I was so excited to see one of these again still open.  Only because it reminds me of when I was a kid. 
They still have the boy outside way cool.
This one is for you Roy  Linens-N-Things.
Papi took the picture above and like all of us getting up there in age we don't remember to well so he took a picture of the map to help.
Christopher was making funny faces at Sophia and she was not liking it.  Ya right look at her face if we had sound you would be laughing from hers.
More trucks for Christopher.
We were driving by and I seen a few animals that are not native to this place or state or country. so we had to turn around to show Papi and Christopher I was not going CrAzY.
Oh feel better now.  I scared myself for a moment, lions  in Ohio.
Indian motorcycles.
This is the rest stop we stayed at for the night.
Okay!  It is play time
Daddy at it again with sunset.
Sophia and Sarah love to play together, they act just like sisters.  they play then fight over a toy who had it first. 
They both wanted the paper pamphlet.  But Sarah  was not going to let go.
Sophia was going to get it at any cost, even seating on her.
But again Sarah was not going to give it up.  You go girl!
Now Sarah was going to get her back.
Sophia looks good with a Goat-Tee.  I wonder how she'll feel about facial fur when she's older?
Papa.  I'm ready for bed but I don't have the words yet.  How about some sign-language (rubbing my eyes)?
Oh yea, it's time for bed.