May 1st, 2008: Iowa through Illinois and into Indiana
What are we thinking?  Three states in one day?  There's really nothing on the itinerary for Iowa, so we're just cruising through.  A shame, because they have some beautiful scenery and excellent roads.
Start of the day.  It was rough getting up with the time-zone change.
I always wake up happy!
Can you believe they're mowing the lawn at 8am?  Christopher was so excited to watch this guy work.
Illinois is pretty, but they really could use some work on their roads.
Man are these roads terrible or what?  He slid right under the seatbelt.  It's much tighter now, but we're thinking we may need to bring in the other seat that has shoulder straps.
More water towers.
I'm not sure what this is, but it looks cool doesn't it?
They have lots of rivers here.
Another farmhouse.
Too much sugar or too much time in the coach?  You tell me.
Another water tower.  Daddy loves these.  This one is in Ottawa.
Aren't these purple, uh lavender, trees pretty.  
Lots of bridges and rivers.
We've seen a few classic cars on this trip and this one looked pretty great.  Soon after passing us, we saw this guy on the side of the road with a blow-out.  Too bad, nice car!
This old Studebaker was very clean.  Got Papa's motor running.
More big equipment for Christopher to drool over.
Morris water tower.
They have some big farm equipment out here.
Are they trying to flatten the field or till it?
A different style of barn.
Daddy's turn to be in front of the camera.  AND FAT
Doesn't this look like a cozy street?
Now we head into the Chicago area.  The roads get rough and the traffic is terrible.  They have some crazy idea that one can simply change lanes when an emergency vehicle is along side the road.  Don't they see how congested it can get?
There wasn't time to get them all, but there were these large flags on each corner of an exit.  It gives keeping up with the Jones' a whole new angle.
What do we do when we stop for fuel?  Christopher was teaching Sophia the letters and their sounds.  She can nearly imitate him perfectly.
Some sort of quarry a little south of Chicago.  If you look at the trucks, you'll get an idea of just how large this thing is. 
The really BIG trucks and tractors can fit through the opening they cut near the bottom of this picture.
And tunnels inside the hill.  Man, this is impressive.
South Holland.  Welcome to the toll-road.  I wonder what this will cost us?
We've made it to Indiana.  Hi Jonah!  We're going to visit you on our way back through.  The toll to get inside Indiana was $1.75 for about a two or three mile stretch.
What do you think it is?
These roads are about the same as those in Illinois, but these are a state highway and there's lots of construction to fix them.
Looks like swamp land to me.
Near yet another river.
Turning off the highway to get to our next campground.
The drive is pretty out here.
R.V. There Yet?  What a cool sign.
Daddy is capturing the foliage around here too.
Peacocks?  Wow, I didn't expect that.
Neither did Christopher.  He wanted to "pet" them and feed them some of his M&M's.
More flowers for Daddy.
A nice little area to sit around the lake.
No Christopher, you may not feed the peacocks your M-and-M's.  The girls are not quite sure what to make of the birds.
Run.  Run like the wind!  Get all that energy expended before the sun sets and you're not tired enough to sleep.
And the lake.
I can do it and not spill any of my candy.
My turn.
I see some potential copyright issues here.
What do you mean what is this?  It's a smurf of course!  Oh, that's right, they went off the air 10 years before you were born.
He really liked the critters.
And Daddy helped with a shot of us.
Sophia is getting comfortable with glasses as a fashion accessory.  After a while she didn't want to take them off.
Tell me they don't look like toddlers now.  They're growing up too fast.
Can you guess what this is?  I knew, in general, but had to read the sign for the specifics.
A 1911 Ford, Model-T.  What a waste of an automobile.
Who'd have thought?
She's blowing bubbles in the water.
Christopher and Sophia are dancing.  Next stop, Dancing With The Stars.  For the video, click on the picture.
Sophia knows what the phone is for and has been practicing.  You've got to see her in action though.  Click the picture to see the VIDEO.
I'm a puppy.  Click the picture for the VIDEO.