April 30th, 2008: Grand Island, NE to crossing Iowa
I woke up around 5 am and  found the sun coming up.  What a nice way to start the day. 
Then I sent all of the kids into the room and told them to dog pile on Papa.  See his excitement?  I did wait until 7am to wake him.


Later this morning, Christopher was acting like a dog and Sophia was feeding her Rice Chex to him like a dog.  Oh kids they are full of entertainment.
When we stopped at Buffalo Bill's we picked up this Freeway Bingo game for Christopher.  He had to find signs Silos, Cars, Trains, etc.  He was so into this game that we had to place him in the front seat with his chair.
Almost all of the towns have water towers with names on them, but York Nebraska made it look like a hot air balloon.
Everything is blooming.  This is a perfect time of the years to travel to the east.
Okay!  I drool every time I see one.  This one is in Lincoln Nebraska. 
More of Lincoln.
I guess we are in Boys Town.
Look at the gorilla. 
Their Zoo and IMAX.  I am not sure what is in the dome 
We are about to cross the Missouri River but the State sign came up so I was not able to get a picture of it.
But I did get the shot of the sign.  For as few people as live here they have very nice highways.  The one we're on is a high-tech asphalt that recycled 48,000 tires.  The roads last twice as long for about 10% additional cost.
Cool farm home.  Look how green it is.  The field in the front was last years corn crop cut down.
A farmer plowing his fields.  Christopher wanted to get one.  I told him we'd consider it when he is ready to work fulltime.
Avoca Iowa
Adail Iowa.
Some more farm homes.
The pasture cows are in hog, uh pig, heaven.
Speaking of pig heaven.  This was a truck of them flying by with one having his or her nose sticking out.  (look to the left edge middle).  They are going to pig market but they told them pig heaven.  Maybe it's both when all is said and done. 
Altoona Iowa.
One of the many rivers.  This one is the South Skunk  River in Iowa.
Newton Iowa.  Across the freeway from this is a large NASCAR Race Track.
More cows on an Iowa farm.
Guess what?  More cows.
This was cool.  I don't remember the name of the company but they made farming equipment of all sizes.  I guess this must be overstock or defective units.
This is the same company, but this is a field plow. Note the car driving on road to the left to get perspective on the size of this thing.
Every time Sophia saw a phone she would pick it up and say "hewo, hewo"
And Christopher was all into his balloon.  Sophia was still trying to get someone to reply.  So we called it from the other phone. After picking it up and she heard my voice then boy she went off " bla bla bla bla bla"
We mad a quick play stop at this rest area.  By the way every modern rest area in Iowa has Free Wi-Fi and are very clean. So this plane pulled up and Christopher and Papa had to see it up close.
As Christopher and Papa stood next to it looking, the owners asked if he would like to see it up close.  What do you think Christopher said?  OH YES!
Made his day.
Sarah enjoying the fresh air and green grass.  Doesn't she look like a little angel?
Daddy back at it with his artsy fartsy sunset pictures.
What a way to start and end a day with a beautiful sunrise and this spectacular sunset
Sarah:  Look at what I can do now.  She climbed atop this maintenance access hatch all by herself.
Look I did it I am so  happy.  I'm princess of the hill.
Daddy loves this picture of him and one of his little girls.
Daddy trying to make an artsy fartsy picture with Christopher holding the sunset.  I'll have to try again.
I made this one with Papa.  I really like it.
Christopher playing King Of the hill with the girls.  The expression on his face says "I just passed gas and got caught".
This was the sunset as I was walking back into the coach for the night.  Nite, nite.
Iowa Seal.
This was at the rest stop.
On the other side of it.
Kids being silly pressing their faces agents the windshield. 
Close up of Sophia.
And of course who could forget this boy.  Not that he'd let you.
Sophia loved playing with this balloon.  I had to make one for each of the kids.  What do you think happened when she bit it?  Oh yes, and you'd have thought the world was ending from her reaction.
Christopher waiting for his nightly shower before everyone goes to bed.  Good night.