April 29th, 2008: A lazy day around Grand Island, Nebraska
This morning began with Christopher spotting this chipmunk outside the window.  He was determined that he was going to get out there and chase it until Daddy convinced him that chasing little animals isn't nice and can have 'consequences' ... like getting bit.  After this, we decided that observation from a safe distance was preferable.  Later in the day, he kept putting sticks in the holes to make sure they didn't come out after him.
Isn't he the cutest thing?
Well we found Taylor's store
Chew Old Honesty Plug Tobacco
This is an old house from the mid 1800's
All of this was at a museum called Sturh in Grand Island NE
New Trackers These are so cool.
The museum was surrounded by a moat 
Un Old 1800's church from the mid west.
All of the trees are starting to bloom for the spring Wow! I was in heaven.
A water garden at the museum.
and more.
On our way out we saw this fox running across the field tried to get a good photo but he was fast so this is the best  we have. 
Papi at work with the camera
Hold on.  Don't you think this is the most  beautiful.  Ahhhhhh 
Papi told me we could not afford the paper towel from all of the drawl.  So we didn't go in, that was a good idea.  
Now, we both decided that after a day out exploring we would stop here for lunch.  I love the onion rings.
Papi & Daddy wanted to go down the big slide and Christopher said I want o go but not on the blue ones.  Their closed so next time.
We got a photo of a horse for Christopher's Critter page on Christopher Corner.
This is Downtown Grand Island NE
Christopher asked us to go this over and over and over and.............
I like the architect of churches.
Girls are wore out but Christopher still going.
Hawg wild means Hawg Heaven
This was a nice brick building in the middle of town.
Built in 1870
Court House.  I like the old look.
Front door.
More blooming trees.
Another church.
This was so nice to see Tulips'  we stop on a street that had no parking sighs.  but the traffic in rush hour was about 1 every 5 minutes.  But, an power control sheriff honk his horn at as and gave us a mean look and stopped beside us.
I was in the middle of taking this picture so I was not able to ID this.  We thought lets take off before ant trouble.  
But before leaving town I had to get this picture of this Magnolia tree in full bloom.
Close up.
look at the blooms on these trees.
Like Christopher's Critter
I have a friend in San Diego with the name of this expressway
An old tank 
He wanted on this so bad.
Christopher don't clime over the fence.
Look I'm driving.
I just love spring
Papa and Christopher spreading flowers seeds over the states for grandma.  This is our version of scattering ashes.
Christopher didn't really understand, but he wanted to help.  Papa wasn't prepared for the emotions that were to be evoked.  It was a difficult healing time.
I can fly.
I'm gonna dig a hole to put the seeds in.
Daddy thinks Papa needs some exercise so he let him push the cart through the grass..
Family photo time.
Hey, I can still swing.
Now for a big swing.
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh   Noooooooo
Your turn Papa.
I'm scared.  I think I don't recall how to do this.
I'm all better now.
Let's teach the kids something we'll regret later.
King of the hill.
Is this digging or golf?  I guess for some people they're the same thing.
I can do what ever brother does.
The girls laughed and played all afternoon.
Time for a beverage.
I love my Daddy.
... and he makes a great chair.
Papa helps Sarah with her walking while Sophia cleans-up.
Christopher is digging another trench to see if he can direct the water.  He's getting pretty good at this stuff.  Perhaps he'll be a civil engineer?
Don't even think about throwing that mud on your sister.  Okay, well don't do it again.
Sarah found a place that blocks the wind.
I think I may be stuck.
Don't worry, I can do it.
Picture 85
I could hardly believe that details of these folks.  This is the way to learn about history.
I might have been able to do this trip 20 years ago, but don't know about now.  How about you?
No roads - zero dollars.

A hand push cart - $50.00.

Enough food for 1/2 of the 1300 mile trip - $50.00.

Spending quality time with your three new wives - priceless.

It seems that the more people in the party the more casualties.
Cool poem.
Daddy loves these flowers.
If you look close, you will see that these are among the grass to give perspective on how small they really are.
I'm hiding.
Christopher stopped to talk with these two gentlemen.  After the obligatory "what's your name, where do you live, etc.?", they asked where he was from.  He replied, California.  One gent said "what" and so he held his hand up to his mouth to make a megaphone and shouted "California, but I don't think we're in California anymore."