April 28th, 2008: From the Wyoming/Nebraska border to Grand Island, NE.
I took this picture for the peace of the mid-west I'd heard about.  The Corn & Wheat fields with farm houses. They had just plowed the fields, so the rich fertile color fields of dirt makes me think of how we need to support our farmers for our domestic foods because, without them, we would have to depend on import countries like China.  Can you say LEAD or some other poison?  
This is a common sight in the mid west crosses on top of hills.
We saw this large water tower coming and Christopher asked "What is the thing?" It looked like a golf ball on a tee.  But I told him it's a water tower and he said "Oh! Yes that's right it is."
These are two bronze Deer statues sparring in front of Cabela's Headquarters.  Cabela's makes boats if you are not sure who they are.
 What a sight.  Large silos next to the train tracks.  Those trees next to them are a least 75 feet tall.
Can you say yummy?  Ooops, wrong state.
Large rolled bails of hay. 
As we drove by these cows Christopher said "I'm hungry."
They put one of those large rolls of hay into the feed trough (I think that is how to spell it) 
Well the horses scored on the hay.
This was the scenery on our way to the State park we were going to stay at.
We found the place and it looked very nice.
It was located on a good size lake.
But, we could not locate the park host to ask if any of the sites had power.  So we used the dump station and filled with water, then back on the road.
This was the area of the dump station.  Pretty nice for what it is.
With a hedge all around it except at the water fill and dump areas.  We let the kids play, and boy they had a blast.
Here we are taking on fresh water and dumping.  Christopher refers to this as "getting the poop out", and he LOVES to help.  I'm not sure if this is an excuse to get out and about, a fetish with the rubber gloves, or if he just likes being helpful.
I'm outside!  I'm outside! 
A great place to run ... next to the dump station.
Ooooooo.  What is that?
Christopher found a hole in the ground and was calling out "Hello", "Hello".  A few minutes later Sophia decided that this was a fun game and would say "Hewo", "Hewo".
We're adorable and we know it!
The sun is in our eyes, can we stop taking this picture now?
Crawling through the grass was fun and she got all over the place.
Daddy was helping her take some of her first steps where she was actually moving her feet without coaxing.  A big day for our little girl.
Everybody was very active while we "got the poop out".
Sarah was intrigued by these little yellow flowers so I put one in her hair.
Daddy wanted one too.  Because we couldn't find anyone to check us in or a self-check station, we decided to continue down the road.
We stopped at this veteran's Memorial on our way out of town.  I was impressive.
Sarah experiencing patriotism in a way that works for her age.
Sophia learning to be comfortable around these types of memorials.
Christopher would be comfortable just about anywhere.  He ran and played all over this thing.  I'm not sure it offered him insight to the meaning, but perhaps with time that will come.
The gang's all here.
Each branch of the armed services was represented with a bronze statue.  This one was the Coast Guard.  Christopher was intrigued by the statues .
Front shot of the Coast Guard.
WWII Army Air Corps.
The Marines   
I think this one was Army
WWII Air Force.
Papi and Sophia reflecting on the memorial wall.
Each brick has a name of a person killed in the wars.  (WWII, Vietnam, Persian Gulf )
Papa's attempt at an artsy fartsy shot.
Now it's Daddies turn to reflect.  With the freedom of the kids able to walk or crawl around yell and scream and able to travel were and when we want with out fear is what this is all about.  That is what these men and women died for OUR FREEDOM.  Thank  you
Well this is a rare site Christopher tired.
This fells cold.
If this isn't a button or patch, it should be!
This artwork is impressive.  
How amazing that this thing actually has some coloring in the flag.  
Looking down the monument.  Each brick represents a person who served with the ultimate sacrifice.  At the end is a complete listing of all who gave their life in WWII.
The tourist information booth is an old Union Pacific Caboose.  They were closed so we didn't get to see inside.
this was a real nice piece of Bronze art work someone did on top of the monument. 
Center piece.
The whole thing.
Here we are at Buffalo Bill Cody's trading post.
Christopher found a Buffalo, uh Bison, he was not afraid to get next to. Not knowing what the thing under his was he grad it and had to ask him not to.  Some visitors saw him do it and stated laughing, I to did the same.
Bill's story.
Pictures of the outside of the trading-post.
More outside.
Bears, horses, etc.
Who's afraid of a big ole' bear?  I'll show him who's boss.
Mush girls, mush.
I think he is on steroids.  this guy looks like the old Big-O tire guy that used to stand out in front of their shops.  Did I just date myself?  Okay if you don't know goggle it I am sure you will find something.
If I ever open a business I'll have to get such a sign.
This was amazing each piece was hand carved and painted and all were animated.  This was an old set from the 1900's and Christopher was in aw with it.
Christopher and I saw this and he asked "Daddy why do's this thing have two heads."  with a little shock of seeing this I replied "Better to think with."
what do you think they thought back then of this two headed calf.
Papi wanted me to take a picture of this.
Great Platte River Archway.
What a nice site to see all the color.
the art work on top was cool.
We found this place by accident.  It looks very inviting so we're going to stay and see how it goes.
What a great little park.  It's very beautiful.
Christopher stopped next door to meet the neighbors within minutes of getting outside.  He couldn't get enough of playing chase with this little boy and wanted to see inside their tent.
Sarah is starting to walk with the laundry basket like a walker.  A huge milestone for our little princess.
Okay, the basket is now officially a toy again.
A last cup of milk before bed.  Mmmmm.
One of the bird at the park it's tall looks like a Grecker but I don't think it is one I will find out and post what it is later.
And we can't forget the Robins all over.  They stand like this waiting for the earth worms to move a leaf then bam they jump over flick the leaf over and yummy like spaghetti they slurp it up.