April 27, 2008  Our Dash Across Wyoming
We start off the day in the southwest corner of Wyoming.   After making the trek across the southern part of the state,  I've found that the one place I would like to return here for is to pass through on my way to Yellowstone.
Wyoming.  Now you have seen all of the southern part of the state in one picture.
We saw a lot of these.  I think they are White Tail Deer.
Papa working on the web page as Daddy drove.  He did a great job on the Routing Map.
Mountain formations. 
Look at that sign!  No, the Harley Davidson one, duh.
Closer shot of the formations.  
Up closer.
some more.
and more.
When I was getting ready to take this picture I noticed a tunnel, so I handed Papa the camera to take the picture.  Yes I was driving. 
Christopher was excited to go into the tunnel, and he asked me to blow the horn over & over & over & over & over .  Got the picture?  he he.
Inside shot
Exiting shot.
now back to the rock formations.
Now to Christopher's Trains.  Wow, they have a lot of them out here.
Christopher again doing his school work.  I sort of thought he'd lose interest, but he really does love this stuff.
In between trains, Christopher did his school work.  No, not between these trains, but between the observing of trains.  Yes, there are two here and they're headed in opposite directions.
Where do they get these names?
Oh another long strait road.  When we topped the hill I was hoping for a few turns, but nooooo, just back down hill to climb the next, then repeat. 
We've arrived at the Continental Divide.  That is pretty bad that this sign is one of the highlights of our journey through Wyoming. 
Wow!  I guess they didn't build them as good back then. 
Daddy cruising down I-80.
And Papa working on the web page again.
I think they are drilling for oil.  You know the stuff we are paying $120.00 a barrel for.
Snow drifts are still about 6 to 8 feet high.  But all the other snow melted in the fields.
Laramie Wyoming.
This is the Sinclair refinery.  They're the ones with the dinosaur as their mascot.  I wonder what that means?
And Sophia crashed from all of the boredom ... uh, excitement. 
Of course Sarah's mind was on FOOD.  She's two fisted eating girl.
I just thought this was a cool picture of the mountain. 
Another mountain shot with the horses that Christopher wants on our farm if and when we get one. 
This hawk was elusive and I was able to snap a shot and zoom in on it.  They were in Wyoming and the wind was so strong that they could stay in one spot for hours without flapping their wings. 
This was like a deserted town close to Egbert Wyoming.
Oh more uh.....what do they call these things?  Oh yes cows.
This was as we are about to cross over into Nebraska.  Amazing how the scenery changes at the dividing line.
Some more...
and more.
We are at the summit of 8640 feet.
Not sure why Lincoln was here but here is a picture of the statue at the top of the summit.
The top of the summit was flat, again surprise.
Some point of interest not sure what for because they don't give a warning until you are on top of them so we could not stop and see why.
Papa has the camera now and he is taking the scenery shots.  
This one is cool.  I like the green grass and snow.
More of the expensive stuff they call black gold.
Not sure what this is but it was out in the middle of nowhere.
One of my favorite stores on the road WalMart warehouse distribution centers.
We are now coming into Cheyenne Wyoming.
We stopped for diesel and to dump, and Christopher decided to do a little dance on the corner for the truckers coming.  He is his daddy's boy.
Christopher getting his energy out. 
He had a blast with the truckers.
Now Papa and Christopher getting ready to dump our tanks at the Flying J.
It is so cool that they provide this for RV'ers.
Christopher Found out that if he made the motion of pulling the cord for the horns, the truckers would honk for him.
Nearly every trucker did it for him.  They were so nice to do it and give him a memory that a lot of us have from when  we were kids.  How do you do it?  Yes, that's the ticket. 
He loved the attention. 
Now he is trying his talent at walk the plank. 
Oooops! Needs more practice.
Downtown Cheyenne Wyoming.  We blinked and then it was gone.
I guess they are having a little trouble getting TV reception.
Just a small house with all of this stuff in the yard the next few pictures are like a panoramic view of it.
And the last one
When one falls apart, build next to it.
A farmers house.  Can you believe that they produce a lot of our food and they have to live like this.  Who is making the big profits.  Save Our Farmers ... we need them more than they need us.
This is what they call tract homes in Wyoming.
I guess they wanted their home to be different than everyone else's.
Oh no, another flat straight road.
Last Picture Of Wyoming.  Good Bye next Time I see you I hope it is only for Yellowstone.
Guess where we are now.  No not Alaska.  Nebraska 
Christopher Doing School work.  We're doing geography this time.
He had to find two states and put then on the map on the window.  Wyoming & Nebraska and he found them.  This kids is smart.
I was showing him how to identify states by their shape.  He's really good with shapes.
Sarah was excited about the freeway out the window.
Oh, hold on Picture time.
My turn.
How's this pose?
The flat but green land of Nebraska.  This is only 8 miles from the state line.  We camped for the night.
The States we have traveled through, so far this trip.
Now its play time. Peek-A-Boo I see you.
Sophia:  You want some of this?   You need to get through me first.  And she's just the girl to do it.
Fine.  I will go over here.
Our Coach and Jeep.
Quiet.   She will find me.
Were are you?
I found you.  Arrrr let me at him.
Nebraska's State Seal.
Christopher was so good about making sure Sophia was safe for this Picture.
I like my jacket.  I feel so pretty.
I know they go on like this.
Play time in the coach before bed.  Papa makes a great play toy.
Lets stand on brother to see the bunnies out the window.
Always a nice way to close the day.
Just an artsy fartsy one from Daddy.
Good night and thank you God for all the beauty.