April 26th, 2008: Headed to Salt Lake City
Welcome to Utah.  This part looks very "desert".
This is exactly where I would expect to see a lighthouse.
A pretty little log-home.
SLC, here we come.
Mormon names? Wow! Beaver in 40
That's snow on them thar mountain tops.
I wouldn't expect to find any beavers here, would you?
At 6500 feet I was expecting it to be cold, but the sun is bright and it's a high of about 55 degrees.
For a place that I would last expect to see a Beaver, they have a lot of Counties, places, etc... named after them.
The snow is getting closer.
I'm not sure why they have a wagon frame on top of this truck, but perhaps it helps with their marketing.
Lots of animals.  Horses, cows, and sheep kept Christopher looking out the window for hours.
More cows.
More snow capped mountains. Look how hard the wind is blowing, see the sign?
I guess maintenance is not such a priority for these guys.
You should have heard the screech of excitement when Christopher saw all these cows.  Especially the "baby cows".
We're getting closer.
Oh and more flat land and strait roads.
This is part of the Rocky mountains. 
and more.
Not much to take pictures of so I had to resort to buildings.
More of the Rockies. 
And again.
This is part of Utah Lake by Provo.
What's up with this honey hive thing?
Schoolwork on the road.  Can you believe he asks to do this stuff?  "It's fun, and I like it!"  Thank you God for keeping this stuff fun for him.
I know I need a nap, but just haven't quite been able to get in the zone.  Thumb in mouth, eyes starting to close, and foot propped ... she's on her way out. 
They're starting construction on a REAL log home.  I'm not sure if you can get a feel for the size of these logs, but they're very large ... more than 12" in diameter.
We're at the base of a mountain with snow.
Daddy's getting the camera set up.
A good group shot.
I think it's a mill.
This is a mountain by Utah Lake.
Closer look at it.
This was a "Boomers"-type place with batting cages, little boats, etc.  
Just a cool shot.
With this much traffic on a Saturday afternoon we felt like we were back in San Diego.  Yes, everyone please come to a complete stop to offer assistance to the autos who are stopped along side the road.  No, the police cannot help, you need to stop for these folks.
Sorry I saw Ski and got excited and started to click the camera. 
This flag is huge.  It probably larger than a semi-trailer.  It is located in front of the Novell building.
We went around SLC rather than through it.
The skyline is kinda pretty.
I like the way they decorate their highways.
Park City, UT, and we didn't bring our ski's.  
Sarah is learning to love books and reading.
Are we there yet?
Deer crossing.  Most of the ones we saw weren't moving anymore.  LOL Papi
heading east on 80 just some cool snow shots.
Christopher continues to identify aircraft on a regular basis.
Some more snow suprise.
and more...
This was a little town I think by Park City Utah.
Closer look.
same place.
and again.
This looked like a town made ski slope.
This was a place marker so we could locate the places of all the pictures.
This is a ski resort in Utah closed for the season.  You can see the slopes still.
one of Daddies trying to be artsy photos.
Milk cows.  GOT MILK?
I was not sure what the name of this lake was Just came across in the north-east part of Utah.
Looking back at it.
Landscape photo shot just a little east of the lake.
This is the river that is coming out of the lake.
We did not come across that many of this interesting rock formations. 
Some more of them.
Now we are on I-80 until Pa then to I-90.
And now on to Wyoming.  
First rest area in Wyoming and what do we find?  Buffalo, uh Bison.  
Sarah was getting into the "let's see the animals" thing.  Sophia was a little too cold for comfort.
this was mommy and baby. 
This was the sign at the site of the Bison.
Read me.
An old wagon.
Can you see the deer?
There she is.
And then she got spooked and ran away.
A little time with the snow.
Hey, what's this white stuff?
Daddy, this stuff is c-o-l-d.
Snowball fight!
Okay, who takes their kid out in 40 degree weather to play in the snow with shorts and flip-flops?  Uh, I guess, us.  Yes, we do!
Okay, you started this thing.
Here it comes.
If you can throw at me, I get to throw at you.
He was huge.
Christopher kept saying these were the Mommy buffalo's because they had earrings.  He says the same thing about the cows with ear-tags.
Okay girls, mush.
Nothing to prop the camera on for a family portrait, so we'll take turns.
They had a bunch of these windmill turbines, but only a couple were actually spinning.  I guess they have more capacity than they need for how few people actually live here.
Papa is driving today.
... and gone!  Bye bye sunshine.